Lamb Barbacoa en Pozo

John Speights hosted a lamb barbacoa party in Houston over the weekend. For those curious about cooking barbacoa the traditional way, inside a hole in the ground, Speights (@JCSpeights) and Jay Rascoe (@GunsandTacos) documented the entire event, from lamb procurement to completion, on Twitter. I’ve compiled those tweets here for your educational viewing pleasure. [View the story “Lamb Barbacoa en Pozo in Houston” on Storify]

Provisions Beef Rib 01

Smoked in Texas: Beef Short Rib at Provisions

Barbecue and other smoked foods are making their way into fine dining faster than I can spit out liquid smoke. Often smoke is used as just another layer of seasoning, or maybe the barbecue is portioned and presented with a flourish on the plate. Not so at Provisions, the more casual half of The Pass & Provisions in Houston, where a hulking smoked beef rib is tucked into the dinner menu in between chicken saltimbocca and a…

Barbecue Crossfire

The nation is talking about Texas’s new open carry policy, and two pistol-packing pitmasters are grabbing headlines for their opposing views. Trent Brooks, of Brooks Place BBQ, welcomes open carriers to his Cypress barbecue trailer, and in fact offers a ten percent discount for anyone showing off their firearm (the 25 percent discount reported by many was just for New Years Day); on the flip side, Jack Perkins of Slow Bone Barbeque in Dallas is asking gun owners to…

SETX Beef Links  - 4

In the Land of Links

Hitting the barbecue trail in Texas is something of a weekend sport. Plenty of people create their own routes, but one of the more official itineraries—the Texas Barbecue Trail, which takes you from Taylor to Elgin, Lockhart, and finally through Luling—is enormously popular. As the name suggests it’s a great introduction to Texas barbecue, and a visit to all of those towns guarantees a stellar food experience. The one drawback? It only covers Central Texas. What…

Smoked Portland 09

Smoke Gets in Your Food

Just when it appeared we had hit peak bacon—last week’s introduction of Sizzl, Oscar Meyer’s dating app for bacon lovers, could be pinpointed as the moment things jumped the shark—Chris Shepherd, the chef at Underbelly in Houston, found a way to improve the most popular ingredient of the past five years. Enter bacon sausage, ground up cured and smoked pork bellies stuffed into large format casing. Shepherd unveiled the dish at Feast Portland, and, no surprise, it was a hit. Yes, this is…

Pizzitolas BBQ 01


Legends in the barbecue world perpetuate themselves. Keeping your doors open for decades takes hard work, loyal customers, and a little luck, and it doesn’t happen that often. In return, such barbecue joints are worshiped for their longevity, and rightly so. It’s a huge benefit, but it also comes with some disadvantages. Unlike upstarts who can charge more, tailor a menu for today’s tastes, and have no past to answer to, storied barbecue joints carry…