Fargo’s Pit BBQ

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Sauce Sells

Times have never been better for small-batch Texas barbecue sauces. Six months ago, Texas-based grocery store H-E-B debuted a new line of barbecue sauces in their stores, featuring bottles from the state’s most popular barbecue joints, including Louie Mueller Barbecue, Fargo’s BBQ, Terry Black’s Barbecue, and Hays County BBQ. The case for sauce statewide also got a fresh boost last month when Texas Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed that “the most important thing about barbecue is sauce.” Abbott has since…

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Fargo’s Pit Unveiled

Alan Caldwell, the pitmaster at Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan, has been making great barbecue for fourteen years. And for all of those fourteen years, he has denied people access to his pit room. When he denied my first request to take a look at his pit, in 2010, he told me no. I didn’t believe him, but he was adamant, which shocked me. Ninety-nine out of a hundred barbecue purveyors that I have spoken…

Hog mid-section. Baby backs and loin on the left, spare ribs and belly on the right.

BBQ Anatomy 101: Pork Ribs

The Texas Trinity combo plate—beef, ribs, and sausage—is probably the most commonly served dish at Texas barbecue joints, and usually, the beef brisket gets all the glory. But we should shine a little more light on pork ribs, which are often a joint’s better tasting meat (it’s difficult to perfectly execute a beef brisket while pork ribs are more forgiving in the smoker). The strong association people have of Texas barbecue and beef is undeniable,…

Interview: Alan Caldwell of Fargo’s Pit BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Fargo’s Pit BBQ, opened 2000 Age: 50 Smoker: Wood-fired offset pit Wood: Oak with a bit more mixed in As we sat at a table inside Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan, I asked owner and pitmaster Alan Caldwell if I could see his pit. He said no. In total I probably asked in varying forms another twenty-eight times, but the answer was always the same. I won’t print the entire exchange for your benefit….

BBQ News: 06/07 – 06/13

– Making the most recent Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joint list has been big local news for a few barbecue joint across Texas. Among those is Fargo’s in Bryan, The Granary and Two Bros. BBQ Market in San Antonio, Hatfield’s in Rockport, Hays County BBQ in San Marcos, Kirby’s in Mexia, Mumphord’s in Victoria, Pecan Lodge in Dallas, Stanley’s in Tyler, Tyler’s in Amarillo and Zimmerhanzel’s in Smithville. Bartley’s in Grapevine got only a lukewarm review from…

Pitmaster Alan Caldwell

Fargo’s Pit BBQ

A few months back Fargo’s moved out of its original building, a cramped place that lacked indoor seating—or outdoor seating, for that matter. Though the restaurant is now located just a few blocks from the first location, the large dining room, lined with big windows, feels miles away. One thing that hasn’t changed is the friendly but efficient service. A line forms along the large glass case, where the meats are all on display. What…