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The Transformation of Southside Market

Southside Market in Elgin opened its doors in 1886, making it Texas’s oldest barbecue joint. Predictably, it has transformed considerably in its 130-year history. The original ownership, location, menu—even the famous sausage recipe—have all changed over that time. But this is not a story about eroding traditions. Southside Market stands as a living example of Central Texas barbecue’s evolution. Its timeline is a microcosm through which we can understand how we arrived at the style of barbecue…

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The Legend of Southside Market

Origin stories are often hard to trace. And those of century-old restaurants—especially ones where ownership has changed hands a few times—are particularly difficult to pinpoint. People’s institutional memory literally dies off, and unless someone is fervidly passionate about keeping records (which, when a place is struggling to stay afloat in the notoriously fickle restaurant industry, who is), details from the early days can easily be lost forever. Unfortunately, this confluence of circumstances befell Texas’s oldest barbecue joint, Southside Market in Elgin,…

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Southside Market Expanding to Bastrop

Bastrop, Texas is known as the “Heart of the Lost Pines,” but it will have a little piece of the Sausage Capital of Texas inside the city limits by year’s end. Southside Market owner Bryan Bracewell has announced that he will build a new outpost of their legendary sausage house in Bastrop. This is the first time in their 132 year history that Southside has moved forward with a second location. Once complete, Bracewell will…