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BBQ News: 09/23 – 09/29

– Barbecue, a film from Australia-based Urtext Films, is set to release next year. Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker traveled across the globe to film different barbecue traditions: SAFC supported doco, Barbecue, to be released in 2017, examines the bonds people forge over meat and fire. — SA Film Corporation (@SA_Film) September 28, 2016   – Ronnie Killen of Killen’s Barbecue will open a new restaurant in Houston. Killen’s STQ will feature steaks…

Dry Aged Brisket 05

Smoked in Texas: Dry-Aged Brisket at Killen’s Barbecue

The experimentation never seems to end at Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland. Some days you can do a side-by-side taste test of different beef rib varieties, on others owner Ronnie Killen and pitmaster Manny Torres are serving flights of various smoked briskets. And when I stopped in last week they were having some fun with dry-aged brisket. Dry-aging is a revered process in steakhouses that provides a signature nutty flavor to ribeyes and strips and fetches big…

Earnest Griffith 02

Back Country Bar-B-Q

After forty-one years, Back Country Bar-B-Q has a new owner. Scott Collard was the longtime general manager at Big Al’s Smokehouse, another Dallas barbecue institution, before striking out on his own. He and his wife, Teresa, bought the place in July from Frank Hart, who founded Back Country Bar-B-Q in its original location on East Northwest Highway in 1975. When Hart moved the business to its current location at Park and Greenville in 1988, he brought…

BBQ News: 09/16 – 09/22

– Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow’s BBQ has been cooking barbecue for 50 years, and at 81, she has no plans to stop. – Based on the BBQ reference alone, I’ve gotta vote Hogzillas: Here are the nickname finalists for the new minor league team in Kinston. Team will be the “Down East_____” — Jared Sandler (@SandlerJ) September 15, 2016   – Barley Swine in Austin held a special barbecue dinner last week, and Eater…

Peepsis BBQ 03

Deep-Fried Barbecue in San Angelo

John Young is now settled in his native West Texas, but he took a circuitous route to get back there. He sold his barbecue joint in Sachse, northeast of Dallas, in 2001 and moved to Philadelphia for a corporate job, and then five years ago he moved back to San Angelo and opened Rio Concho Catering. The catering company eventually led to Peepsi’s Barbeque and the Concho Pearl Icehouse, which though very different joints in San Angelo, share…

Interview: Earnest Griffith Sr. of Back Country Bar-B-Q

Pitmaster: Back Country Bar-B-Que; Opened 1975 Age: 62 Smoker: Wood-Fired Rotisserie Smoker Wood: Hickory Earnest Griffith Sr. has been cooking barbecue in Dallas for 42 years. He started in downtown Dallas in 1970, when the area was teeming with workers in need of lunch. This was before the days of the downtown tunnels, which began construction in the mid-1970’s, and barbecue was a popular option. Griffith’s employer, Joe Moseley, had four locations there, two of which were just a block apart. Griffith gained…

The Pit BBQ 01

The Pit BBQ

If you think barbecue sauce on smoked brisket is an abomination, then you might want to sit down. At the Pit BBQ in San Angelo, they cover sliced brisket with creamy peanut butter and grape jelly in a sandwich they call the Jail Break, and I loved every bite. Pitmaster and co-owner D.J. Ridenour got the idea from Willie’s Joint in Buda. He worked several night shifts on the smoker before ever seeing a menu, then…

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