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Skylight Inn Hog

Dia De Los Puercos

Legendary whole hog cooker Samuel Jones is bringing a special taste of North Carolina barbecue to Dallas this Sunday (tickets here). The Jones family has been cooking whole hogs in eastern North Carolina since 1830. In 1947, Samuel’s grandfather, Pete Jones, opened the Skylight Inn restaurant in Ayden, North Carolina, and Samuel and his father, Bruce, keep it smoking today. It’s considered some of the best barbecue in the country, and was even honored as an…

Avondale Station BBQ 01

Avondale Station BBQ

I didn’t go looking for a barbecue theme as I drove around the rural roads northwest of Fort Worth, but I found plenty. It seems in the Azle/Rhome/Haslet part of the state that a barbecue joint can’t operate unless it has hand-cut fries (five out of five that I visited) and smoked bologna (three out of five) on the menu. There’s no complaint in finding good fries, and I guess the bologna love can be chalked…

BBQ News: 10/17 – 10/23

- “In 2013 the U.S. produced almost the same amount of beef as it did in 1976, about 13 million tons. It achieved this while slaughtering 10 million fewer cattle.” From an in-depth look into the cattle industry, with a focus on Texas, from National Geographic. – National Geographic took a look at cattle breeding and even cloning, mainly on Texas ranches. – Mother Jones talked to Ted Genoways about his new book The Chain…

Interview: Rick Schmidt of Kreuz Market, Part II

Former Owner: Kreuz Market; Opened 1900 (current location 1999) Age: 69 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Post Oak It’s the most famous family feud in Texas barbecue. A disagreement between Nina Sells and her bother Rick Schmidt caused a rift that sent the historic Kreuz Market packing. After ninety-nine years in the same building, Rick Schmidt found a new home in a new building on the north side of Lockhart. The local headlines at the time read “The…

Smoking Sausages

The Rabrokers have been selling their family recipe German sausage out of Westphalia Market since 1963. The tiny town of Westphalia sits between Zabcikville and Lott on Highway 320 (about twenty minutes east of Temple), and the market is a great reason to take a detour. They make several kinds of sausage, but I was interested in the Famous Westphalia Sausage recipe. Pat Rabroker runs the place now. The last name may be familiar from a…

Come and Take it BBQ 05

Come & Take It BBQ

Good barbecue in West Texas is about as common as an oak tree west of the Pecos River. Consequently, it was a revelation when we found Pody’s BBQ in Pecos a couple years back. When I first visited Pody’s back in 2012 it was brand new. A search around Fort Davis, Marfa, and Alpine during the same trip didn’t turn up even a single barbecue joint, so it was with excitement that I received a…

BBQ News: 10/10 – 10/16

- Neil Patrick Harris will be the host of the Oscars. Along with announcing his big news, he also announced his love for the Salt Lick. – “I actually had my first barbecue here.” – Lorde at ACL Festival in Austin. – La Barbecue fed Eminem and his crew before his performance at ACL Festival. – La Barbecue has announced that they plan to open a brick and mortar location on South Congress in Austin…

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