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Truth BBQ 04

Truth Barbeque

Last year, Leonard Botello IV decided he wanted to open a barbecue joint. The big hitch in his giddyup? He needed a smoker. He started searching for a workable, used pit, and pretty soon “a Klose pit came up on Craigslist in Cleveland,” he recalled. Ohio, that is, not Texas. According to Botello, the seller didn’t really know what she had on her hands and asked for only $4,700. (They can easily go for up to…

BBQ News: 05/13 – 05/19

– Rougned Odor’s punch earned him free barbecue for life in Ft. Worth: .@RougnedOdor EATS FREE at Heim BBQ t-shirts on sale now at all proceeds go to Joey Bats jaw re-alignment surgery… — Heim Barbecue (@HeimBBQ) May 16, 2016   – Looking for meat in Dallas? Here are seven great meat markets in the area.  – Dallas pitmaster Clyde Biggins has been trying to stage a barbecue comeback for a few years, but now…

Tootsie Pork Steak 09

Tootsie Tomanetz’s Pork Steak

Tootsie Tomanetz has been cooking barbecue for fifty years, an art she didn’t start practicing professionally until she was in her thirties. When she began her career in Giddings, offset smokers weren’t nearly as popular as they are today. Then, barbecue was cooked directly over wood coals, and that’s the way she’s always done it. When she and Kerry Bexley opened Snow’s BBQ together in 2003, Tomanetz insisted on direct-heat pits. Bexley set to building…

BBQ Books 2016 06

BBQ Books: Spring 2016

It’s May, the month that celebrates the best of spring, the kickoff to summer, and, for barbecue aficionados like myself, a 31-day-long celebration of barbecue. That’s right. In this age of every trend getting its own day or month, May has been reserved for barbecue, a fitting designation given that Memorial Day is the unofficial start of smoking/grilling season. As barbecue in general enjoys its appointed moment, I’m finding that barbecue books seem to be having a sort of moment too. Every year around this…

BBQ News: 05/06 – 05/12

– King Ranch chicken in tube form: As seen at @tmbbq fest: the recipe for @evanleroy’s Smoked King Ranch Sausage — Jess Pryles (@jesspryles) May 8, 2016   – Dai Due in Austin is now offering an option to order a whole hog roast for their patio.  – Romanouska’s Trailer in Austin is closing, but owner Tom Micklethwait said he plans to open a brick and mortar of his Micklethwait Craft Meats trailer. …

Smoke to the Bone 05

Smoked in Texas: Stuffed Potato at Smoke to the Bone BBQ

Gregory Johns didn’t learn to cook barbecue from his family, books, videos, or from a mentor. He taught himself through trial-and-error. As he told me, “You burn some meat, you get it right next time.” His journey began in 1998 when he purchased a steel barrel smoker. Eight years later, Johns is still smoking with the same pit and selling the biggest stuffed potatoes in Dallas at Smoke to the Bone BBQ. When Johns first got…

Julians BBQ 01

Julian’s BBQ

To the people of Corpus Christi, I’m sorry about your barbecue. I tried just about every joint in the city a couple of weeks back, and there wasn’t much good news to report. There was one bright spot, though: Julian’s BBQ. With a black cowboy hat, a black shirt, and a red bandana up over his nose, Julian Zapata feeds live oak logs into two steel pits that sit just behind the ordering counter of his…

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