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Sammys BBQ Dallas 10

Sammy’s BBQ

Until this week, I had never enjoyed a great bite of barbecue at Sammy’s BBQ in Uptown Dallas. I used to work in the neighborhood when I had a desk job, but Sammy’s was a lunch option only if somebody else was choosing. I had become a barbecue snob, and I was wasting no time on the dry, gray slices of what passed for brisket in this popular lunch spot despite the relentless suggestion that this…

BBQ News: 05/29 – 06/04

– Wayne Mueller is at the World Expo in Milan, Italy serving up Texas BBQ: Texas meets Italy meet Texas. Wayne Mueller, the Master of the BBQ Pit, and Laurel Evans of Un’Americana In Cucina / Wayne is a Third-Generation Pit Master at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas #FoodTruckNation / Laurel is the culinary whiz behind our recipes at USA Pavilion and #JBAR Brunch 2.0 At 4pm on our rooftop, third-generation pit master Mueller…

Santa Maria BBQ - 21

Santa Maria BBQ Restaurants

Santa Maria style barbecue is probably the least familiar of any barbecue style in the country, especially for those outside California. That’s likely due to how hyper-regional the menu and the fuel are, but also how limited its representation is outside the Santa Maria area. Even three hours in either direction, in Los Angeles or San Jose, if you find “Santa Maria” on a menu, you’ll probably end up with overcooked tri-tip, but there’s a lot…

Sausage Wrap 05

On Sausage Wraps

The sausage wrap is underrated. It’s too simple to get much attention, but it deserves more than bottom-of-the-menu status. At its most basic, a sausage wrap is a link of sausage wrapped in a single slice of white bread. You can call it a wrap, a roll-up, fold-over, or sandwich. Call it whatever you want (well, maybe “taco” is too far per the comments section, they’re known as “Polish tacos” in South Texas), but it’s…

Eddie Deen BBQ 02

Eddie Deen’s BBQ

East of Dallas, there’s a twenty mile stretch of Highway 205 that connects Rockwall and Terrell. Right in the middle is a converted barn, complete with a grain silo, that houses Eddie Deen’s BBQ. You might know that name because you’ve had a catered meal at the Eddie Deen Ranch in downtown Dallas, or maybe you’ve attended a recent Texas gubernatorial inauguration, but the Deen family has opened several restaurants around the area over the…

BBQ News: 05/22 – 05/28

– A new class of the Barbecue Hall of Fame has been named. This year, Ed Fisher, Steven Raichlen, and Paul Kirk will be inducted. – Tim Carman of the Washington Post examines the rise of the urban barbecue joint, and credits Aaron Franklin for bringing barbecue back to the cities. – Wayne Mueller teaching the Japanese some tips on smoking beef ribs: Give them beef ribs they eat for a day, teach them to…

Interview: Gary Williams of Gary’s BBQ

  Former Owner: Gary’s Barbeque Age: 75 When he was twenty-six, Gary Williams said doctors told him he was bipolar and diagnosed him with depression and a chemical imbalance. “That’s a load, but I made it. I had a great doctor,” he told me while we sat across from one another at Tyler’s Barbeque in Amarillo. He’s a regular there, but until 2002, he had his own barbecue joint in town. After overcoming his medical…

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