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Grove Smoke Shack 03

The Grove Smoke Shack

At the Grove, a new development on the south side of Tyler, a small wooden building is sandwiched between crisp white structures. I could see the smoke rising above the shiny metal roof from the parking lot, so I assumed it was the barbecue joint. It was called the Smoke Shack, after all. It’s part of a larger collection of venues at the Grove, which also includes the main restaurant, a bar, a takeout market, and an event space….

BBQ News: 07/08 – 07/14

– The Meat Fight 1K is a fun run minus the running. Twenty food vendors line the 3,281 foot course. Registration begins tomorrow morning. – Pecan Lodge is offering free meals to Dallas police officers through July 17th. – Pecan Lodge had a brief pit fire overnight. It was quickly contained, and the restaurant is back open. – Meet a Texas barbacoa family:   – This is how they make the brisket at Maple Block…

Potato Salad 04

Texas-Style Potato Salad

Mustard didn’t come anywhere near the potato salads of my youth. Chopped celery and mayo dominated those recipes, and the only pickle flavor might be in the form of some of the salty juice. The standard Ohio salad dressing—be it for iceberg lettuce, slaw, or potatoes—was mayonnaise, sugar, and vinegar (sometimes in the form of pickle juice). That’s still what I use to whip up a batch of quick chicken salad, but it just doesn’t taste right…

BBQ News: 07/01 – 07/07

– Brisket in NC was the meal for President Obama at Midwood Smokehouse: Obama and Clinton stop for BBQ at Midwood Smokehouse — Margaret Talev (@margarettalev) July 5, 2016   – A Houston blogger ordered enough smoked meat at La Barbecue for five or six people, then complained that it cost $100.  – A woman was poisoned by an industrial cleaner in her iced tea at Dickey’s BBQ. Dickey’s is now suing the company…

Beef Bacon 10

Beef Belly Bacon

As the late Josh Ozersky once observed, “The fat is the meat, and the meat is the vegetable.” Fat matters. Without fat, which provides the signature flavor to meat, beef would taste just like pork or lamb or chicken or goat. And anyone who fills their cart with raw steak knows the value of beef fat—prime beef fetches a handsome price compared to lesser grades because of the greater amount of intramuscular fat. But not all…

Top 5 BBQ 02

Top 5 BBQ

Four years ago, Davetta Greene bought a used barbecue pit for $40. It was a gift for her husband, Kendon. After fried pork chops caused two separate fires in their home kitchen, she thought it was time he moved his cooking outside. He didn’t take to the pitmaster role immediately. “It was horrible,” he told me as Davetta nodded with a grin. “It just looked wrong,” she added. Undaunted, Kendon traded up to a larger smoker. When…

BBQ News: 06/24 – 06/30

– Barbecue Week begins on July 10th. Every order of a barbecue plate listed here provides a $1 donation to Foodways Texas. – The former governor is a big fan of Truth BBQ in Brenham: Truth BBQ Hwy 290 Brenham,TX brisket so good it disappears by noon!! Seriously fine Texas cuisine #godblesstexas A photo posted by GovernorPerry (@governorperry) on Jun 23, 2016 at 2:54pm PDT   – Eater Austin does an admirable job of explaining…

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