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David's BBQ 05

David’s Barbecue

When I took the first bite from the towering chopped brisket sandwich at David’s Barbecue in Pantego, I thought this must be what Sonny Bryan’s used to taste like when it made it on everyone’s “best of” barbecue lists. You see, owner and pitmaster Jimmy Harris is part of the Bryan barbecue family. Elias Bryan, who opened a barbecue joint in Oak Cliff in 1910, was Sonny’s grandfather and Harris’s great grandfather. At David’s, Jimmy…

BBQ News: 09/05 – 09/11

- A drone that delivers barbecue was spotted at a high school football game in Idaho. – An entire steer on a spit at Meatopia UK:   – Man Up Texas BBQ tried out the new Slab BBQ in Austin. – A full and complete guide to eating at Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland. – Brooks Place BBQ in Houston will be closed Oct. 26th thru Nov. 2nd 2014. – The Houston Chronicle profiled the Southern…

Interview: Jimmy Harris of David’s Barbecue

Owner/Pitmaster: David’s Barbecue; Opened 1988 Age: 49 Smoker: Wood-fired Rotisserie Smoker Wood: Hickory Jimmy Harris doesn’t have much time for barbecue reviewers. “The real judge is that cash register.” And it hasn’t let him down for over two decades since he and his dad opened the place in Pantego. If you’re unfamiliar with Pantego, it’s a tiny municipality surrounded by the city of Arlington. The town is known for two things according to Harris. “Speed traps and bad water.”…

Bryan Family Artifacts and Mementos

This week on TMBBQ we’ll take a look at the Bryan family’s barbecue legacy. From Elias, to Red, to Sonny Bryan and beyond, the Dallas roots of this family tree run deep, but the branches extend well beyond Texas. With so much family history, there are plenty of artifacts and mementos that I’ve captured images of. There are just too many to share in the upcoming stories, so here’s a look at some great ones. Many of…

Southside BBQ Cherokee 04

Southside BBQ

Cherokee sits in between San Saba and Llano in the Texas Hill Country. There aren’t many dining options in this town of a hundred seventy-five. A gas station has ready-made pizzas and there’s Southside BBQ on the weekends. Alva Zulauf and his wife Chris have operated a barbecue catering company for a long while, but it’s just been in the last three years that they settled into this permanent, year round location along Highway 16….

BBQ News: 08/29 – 09/04

- Kreuz Market in Lockhart claims former employee, Brian Thornton, quit and took company trade secrets with him. They’re still looking for him. – There is such a thing as BBQ flavored protein chips. – I just now came across this video of North Carolina’s Keith Allen making his barbecue. He is a man of barbecue principals: – A day in the life of la Barbecue in Austin. “The beef ribs, indeed, are sold out…

Interview: Prause Family of Prause Meat Market

Owners: Prause Meat Market; Opened 1890’s Age: Gary Prause (60), Brian Prause (59), Kathy Prause (55), Mark Prause, pitmaster (51) Smoker: Wood-fired brick pit Wood: Oak Prause (pronounced Prowse-ey) Meat Market has been operating in La Grange for one hundred ten years. The family moved the market into its current building on the downtown square in 1953, and these days the fourth generation of the family keeps it going. It’s one of the few barbecue joint/meat markets in Texas where the meat…

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