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Flores Barbecue

In June, Michael and Hali Wyont celebrated the grand opening of Flores Barbecue. They were in San Marcos, Michael’s hometown, with a new business and a baby on the way. “We weren’t in a prime location,” Michael told me as he sliced brisket inside their barbecue trailer. They also faced stiff competition in town from established names like Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Kent Black’s BBQ. So, after the baby was born, Michael and Hali decided to try out opening up in Hali’s…

Cracking Gooseneck

A couple months back I served the worst version of barbecue that I’d ever cooked. The guests were warned my smoked beef gooseneck was an experiment, but it the result was just plain bad. The meat shredded apart into dry flakes. The cut, technically a bottom round flat, looks like a brisket, weighs as much as one, and even has a fat cap—but that’s where the similarities end. The previous attempt at bottom round flat was a failure…

BBQ News: 12/09 – 12/15

– This blast from Jim Henson’s past may make you miss your mama’s barbecue:   – J C Reid of the Houston Chronicle samples the new-school barbecue at Pinkerton’s. – Just in time for a Houston Super Bowl, a bunch of new restaurants are opening in downtown, including Bud’s BBQ Pitmaster. – The Travel Channel’s Barbecue Bliss episode ranked the 8 best barbecue joints in the country, and they gave Corkscrew BBQ in Spring the…

Christopher B “Stubbs” Stubblefield: A Cook

Lubbock guitarist, Jesse “Guitar” Taylor, was hitchhiking in Lubbock when a Cadillac pulled up. A stranger offered him a ride and Taylor hopped in. They drove for a bit and stopped in front of Stubb’s Bar-B-Que in East Lubbock. “I’ve walked by this place so many times and never been in here,” Taylor said to the driver. “Do you go in here very much?” The stranger replied, “Sir, I own this place!” The driver was…

Gobble, Gobble

Rose Diamond once ruled the world of smoked turkey. In 1938, customers in New York, Miami, and Hollywood enjoyed her smoked turkeys shipped out from her Fort Worth home. According to The Claude News, they brined for at last ten days before being smoked in a brick pit in Diamond’s backyard for the better part of a day. “Properly smoked turkey is a rare delicacy,” the paper reminded its readers. By the next year, the…

BBQ News: 12/02 – 12/08

– Louie Gohmert has a burning desire to cook ribs at the US Capital: Louie Gohmert is still mad the Architect of the Capitol tried to shut down his balcony barbecue operation. — JM Rieger (@RiegerReport) December 2, 2016   – It looks like Gohmert’s balcony barbecue may be back up and running next year.  – Zimmerhanzel’s in Smithville is the classic on again, off again, on again, off again, on again barbecue joint…

Juicy Pig Barbecue

Juicy Pig, which opened in Denton nearly a year ago, brought together local restaurateur Ken Currin and Pam Chittenden, who was known for her roving dining events called PamFood. Chittenden was new to barbecue, but took to the pits according to early reports about Juicy Pig. She has since left the restaurant, but Chittenden left her stamp on the menu, which is far more adventurous than at most barbecue joints. Smoked jackfruit is the new vegetarian barbecue…

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