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Turkey Recipe 08

Smoked Fried Turkey

I’m of the opinion that most foods can be improved when they’re smoked, and one of my favorite dishes that proves this proclaimed axiom is smoked turkey. We’ve got plenty of great options in Texas, all of which likely beat the oven-roasted turkey that your family overcooked at Thanksgiving. But when it comes to poultry, there’s just something special about a fried bird. The juicy meat and crispy skin achieved during the frying process is nearly impossible to mimic in an oven…

Ham Recipe 08

Christmas Ham, Part II

Do you have a ham brining in the refrigerator? No? Then go back to step one here. (Don’t worry. If you missed step one, there’s still time for a New Year’s ham.) For everyone whose ham is about to complete its salt-water bath, here’s what to do next. After at least seven full days-a-soaking, take the ham out of the brine and submerge it in fresh water. Rinse it well, then place on a baking sheet…

Big Bib BBQ 02

The Big Bib BBQ

There’s no sign over the door—at least not for now—but somehow that doesn’t seem to matter. The Big Bib BBQ and its new attached event space anchor the corner of an aging strip center along Austin Highway in northeast San Antonio. It’s under construction, and the awnings are being replaced, but barbecue fans had no trouble finding it. Even on a Tuesday, lunch was hopping. The line never seemed to ease up during the hour I was…

BBQ News: 12/11 – 12/17

– These are 37 things you need to know about Texas barbecue from Wide Open Country. – Not to be outdone, Thrillist tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about Texas barbecue. – 50 things you may not have known about barbecue, from Thrillist. Some you may not have known because they’re just old myths, starting with No. 1 on the list. – These are Thrilist’s (and my) picks for the most underrated barbecue joints…

TAMU Brisket Study 03

The McKensie Project

Researchers at Texas A&M are seeking to improve Texas barbecue. This isn’t the first time that an institution of higher learning has aspired to this lofty ambition; Harvard students already tried to design the ultimate smoker. And now the Aggies are focusing on the meat of the matter, so to speak. Earlier this week A&M’s Rosenthal Meat & Technology Center hosted a barbecue “town hall,” and among the many topics discussed, Dr. Jeff Savell mentioned a new study they were about to…

Ham Recipe 06

Make a Christmas Ham

Yes, really. Make a ham. From scratch. Don’t just reheat one from the grocery store like you did for Easter. You still have the time to get it on if you start now. After a seven- or eight-day brine, you can have one you can call your own on your Christmas table. Turkey owns Thanksgiving, and ham, like goose before it, was once the choice for the Christmas meal. Prime rib has now taken over…

Thorndale Meat Market 10

Barbecue Poetry

Frank “Trey” Felton is the owner of Thorndale Meat Market, which we reviewed last week on TMBBQ. Felton, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, is a talented pitmaster, but his skills don’t stop at the smoker; writing is another passion. Felton is the author of Jewel of Hiram, a historical fiction set in Milam County, Texas, and he’s also a budding poet. After my first visit to his restaurant, he sent me this poem he had…

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