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Kerlin BBQ 01

America’s 100 Best BBQ Restaurants

Kerlin BBQ in Austin, Texas, is the best barbecue joint in the country. Or at least that’s the conclusion Johnny Fugitt arrived at after traveling the country and eating 365 barbecue meals in 365 days, a journey he chronicled in his new book, The 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America. Neither the barbecue of Aaron Franklin nor Justin Fourton swayed the needle for Fugitt as much as that of Bill Kerlin. When I spoke to Kerlin about his top-billing he…

German Sausage Louie Mueller1

All the Sausages

Making sausage ain’t easy. There’s the trimming, grinding, seasoning, stuffing, and then the smoking. For barbecue joints, buying a few boxes of cheap sausage from your food distributor is a tempting prospect when compared to the hours required to make your own. But Texas is a place where smoked sausages are a part of our barbecue identity. Whether it’s from the Czech, German, or Beaumontian sausage making traditions, or it’s an innovative modern recipe, a good smoked sausage is the signature of…

The BBQ Shop 06

The BBQ Shop

The smell of manure hit me when I broke the seal of the rental car door in Farwell, Texas. Just a mile and a half south of town is a sprawling cattle feedlot, and traveling the ninety minutes from Amarillo I drove through towns like Bovina and Hereford. Just by the names you now they’re not growing tulips out here on the Plains. This is cattle country. You can see New Mexico while standing in the gravel parking in…

BBQ News: 05/08 – 05/14

– Austin’s so-called “smoke scrubber” ordinance is dead. Members of the Economic Opportunity Committee “voted unanimously this afternoon not to require BBQ food trucks and restaurants located near residential areas to install smoke scrubbers.” – A deep look at the price of beef in America: Does more expensive beef mean more disappearing cattle? — FiveThirtyEight (@FiveThirtyEight) May 7, 2015   – The Daily Meal ranks the 25 best barbecue chains in the country. …

Interview: Roland Lindsey of Bodacious Bar-B-Q

Founder: Bodacious Bar-B-Q; Opened 1968 Age: 76 Smoker: Wood-fired Offset Smoker Wood: Oak Roland Lindsey went from running the pits for his dad in Dallas when he was fifteen, to running a chain of barbecue joints in (mostly) East Texas. He officially started Bodacious Bar-B-Q in Longview in 1968, and it has grown significantly since then. Since it was first opened, the Mobberly location in Longview was where Roland did his best work. He hasn’t been in the best health…

Whole Hog Extravaganza 03

Wayne Mueller, Barbecue Missionary

Wayne Mueller is going around the world on a Texas barbecue missionary tour. In a month’s time he’ll travel from Taylor, Texas to Japan, Europe, and back to the good old U.S. of A. In that time Mueller will cover about 25,000 air miles, and he’ll smoke a whole mess of beef ribs. He’s certain to make some converts along the way, so expect to see a few Asian and European tourists traveling around Central Texas barbecue joints this…

Evie Maes BBQ 05

Evie Mae’s Barbecue

The best barbecue in Lubbock is in Wolfforth, Texas. That might be news to you even if you’re a student at Tech because Arnis and Mallory Robbins just opened their trailer doors three months ago. After a stint with a landscaping company in Tucson, they decided to come back to Texas with their young daughter Evie Mae to pursue a barbecue dream. They didn’t make it easy on themselves. First, they’re cooking with all wood…

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