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BBQ News: 06/12 – 06/18

– Travel + Leisure calls Austin “America’s next great food town” citing great restaurants like Franklin Barbecue and Valentina’s Tex-Mex. – Directly from Big Apple BBQ -> How not to trim a brisket:   – The Daily Meal asks for tips from some barbecue experts at the Big Apple BBQ. – The Daily Meal also looked into some reasons for the smaller crowd at this year’s festival. – First We Feast shares photos and videos…

Bubba Tater 04

The Bubba Tater

The Bubba Tater is one of the most daunting dishes to tackle in Texas barbecue, that is if you plan to eat the whole thing. Most joints just list it as a barbecue baked potato, but it usually starts with a russet potato the size of a Nerf football. When you order one, they’ll probably ask if you want butter. The answer should be “Yes.” You’re already in for a huge carbo load, so you…

Big Daddys Little Elm 02

Big Daddy’s Ribs & BBQ

In a renovated gas station that looks more like a former Blockbuster with a colorful sign that evokes Baskin Robbins, sits Big Daddy’s Ribs & BBQ. It opened last year along a widened El Dorado Parkway on the east side of Lake Dallas where suburbia has overtaken anything resembling lake-related development. For now, though, it’s probably the best barbecue you can find around the lake. I made a few stops from Lewisville to Little Elm…

BBQ News: 06/05 – 06/11

– Southern Living’s Robert Moss released his list of the fifty best barbecue joints in the South. – Some in Houston aren’t happy about being snubbed by Moss. – Kansas City is named the best city for barbecue by Travel + Leisure. Don’t worry, they also think a pig head roasted in an oven is barbecue. It’s delicious, but it ain’t barbecue. – Golfer Davis Love III also has a list of his favorite barbecue…

Interview: Marshall Prichard of Sammy’s BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Sammy’s BBQ; Opened 1992 Age: 45 Smoker: Wood-Fired Rotisserie Wood: Hickory Marshall Prichard could pass for a decade younger than his forty-five years. Somehow the barbecue business has been kind to him in the aging process. He was there on day one when Sammy’s BBQ opened in 1992, and he still brings a youthful exuberance into work every day. When Sammy’s first opened, the neighborhood around them that would soon be called Uptown was still a shell. Empty…

Ribeye Cap 14

Tim Rattray’s Spinalis

San Antonio chef Tim Rattray visited Dallas last week to be the guest chef at Knife for one in a series of special collaboration dinners benefiting RED*. Throughout the week, Knife’s chef John Tesar invited five chefs including Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue and Rattray from the Granary which is known for their boundary-pushing barbecue menu featuring items like brisket ramen and smoked shoulder clod with quinoa. Some of Rattray’s courses in Dallas were pretty straightforward…

Sammys BBQ Dallas 10

Sammy’s BBQ

Until this week, I had never enjoyed a great bite of barbecue at Sammy’s BBQ in Uptown Dallas. I used to work in the neighborhood when I had a desk job, but Sammy’s was a lunch option only if somebody else was choosing. I had become a barbecue snob, and I was wasting no time on the dry, gray slices of what passed for brisket in this popular lunch spot despite the relentless suggestion that this…

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