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Interview: Johnny Fugitt of Barbecue Rankings

Writer: 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America Age: 29 Johnny Fugitt is nearing the end of a one year tour around the country looking for the best barbecue joints in the country – one hundred of them to be exact. He was sick of all the poorly researched national top ten lists out there, so he decided to set out on his own and eat as much barbecue as he could along the way. He…

Smoked in Portland

This past weekend Portland, Oregon got a taste of Aaron Franklin’s brisket. The Austin pitmaster travelled to the Northwest for Feast Portland, a culinary event that brought chefs in from around the country – along with plenty of homegrown talent – to showcase their dishes to hungry attendees.   The brisket from Franklin Barbecue was served at the Feast Portland brunch village on a sunny Sunday morning. Within five minutes of the gates opening there…

Double G Pit Stop 01

Double G Pit Stop

Just outside of downtown San Saba is Double G Pit Stop, a combination drive-thru beer barn and barbecue joint. You can get a drink any day, but for barbecue you’ll have to wait until the weekend. Owner and pitmaster Bobby Galindo only fires up the pits on Saturdays and Sundays, and the smoke wafts across Wallace Street from morning to early evening. It’ll take a while to mull over the large menu painted onto the side…

BBQ News: 09/12 – 09/18

- The Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival was this past Sunday, and many of our attendees had plenty to say about the event: – Thrillist ATX learned ten facts about Texas barbecue. – Here’s our own wrap-up of collected photos from the event. – CultureMap Austin had five favorite bites from the Fest. – Jeff Amador took some incredible photos of the event and shared them on his site. – Eater Austin made some observations through…

Interview: Billy Durney of Hometown Bar-B-Que

Owner/Pitmaster: Hometown Bar-B-Que; Opened 2013 Age: 42 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Oak and Cherry Billy Durney is all New York, but he knows where to go in Texas to find great barbecue. This past week his restaurant Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook, Brooklyn celebrated its one year anniversary. Afterwards, he celebrated with a trip to Austin and Dallas for some pro-style barbecue eating. I enjoyed a great meal at Hometown when I visited there earlier this year….

TMBBQ Fest 2014

Yesterday we held the fifth annual Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival. It was the biggest one yet with twenty-five pitmasters feeding thousands of hungry barbecue fans. If you made it out to enjoy the beautiful day, we thank you. If not, we’ll see you next year. Here are a few of the best moments from the festival: [View the story "TMBBQ Festival 2014" on Storify]

David's BBQ 05

David’s Barbecue

When I took the first bite from the towering chopped brisket sandwich at David’s Barbecue in Pantego, I thought this must be what Sonny Bryan’s used to taste like when it made it on everyone’s “best of” barbecue lists. You see, owner and pitmaster Jimmy Harris is part of the Bryan barbecue family. Elias Bryan, who opened a barbecue joint in Oak Cliff in 1910, was Sonny’s grandfather and Harris’s great grandfather. At David’s, Jimmy…

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