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Lufkin BBQ 02

Stringer’s Lufkin Bar-B-Que

A couple of years back I compiled a list of Texas barbecue treasures, or joints that had been open for at least fifty years. But it wasn’t until recently that I noticed that Stringer’s Lufkin Bar-B-Que was the oldest on the list without a mention on TMBBQ. They celebrated 65 years in deep East Texas just last year, and there’s more to the place than the fried rolls they’re so famous for. Lufkin Bar-B-Que was a shack when it…

BBQ News: 07/22 – 07/28

– Livestock producers have increased supplies of hogs and cattle to a level described by Bloomberg as a “meat mountain.” Meat just keeps getting cheaper. – Beware pitmasters. The Atlantic dives into the root causes of tuberculosis, and determines that it might have first developed in people sharing close quarters with a wood fire. – BBQ Summer Camp: Foodways Texas BBQ Camp July: photos from #bbqcamp at #tamubbq @foodwaystx — Kelly Yandell (@themeaningofpie) July…

Carolines BBQ 05

Caroline’s Quality and Quantity Bar-B-Que

Twenty years ago, Arthur Yarbough’s family was trying to develop a recipe for beef links. Arthur doesn’t sugarcoat his recollections of his older sisters’ attempts: “They wasn’t worth nothing.” So he gave it a try. It took some time and effort, but now Arthur’s beef links are a weekend staple in the small town of Kountze, about thirty minutes north of Beaumont. Arthur and his wife, Caroline, opened the joint in a small building just off the…

Lewis BBQ 04

Austin, South Carolina

Texas has lost one if its best pitmasters. John Lewis has taken his talents to South Carolina, and he doesn’t plan to come back to Texas anytime soon. “I live here, and I’m staying here,” he told me during my recent trip to Charleston to visit his brand-new, week-old establishment, Lewis Barbecue. I had to see how pork-loving Southerners would embrace brisket and hot guts. I nearly clipped Lewis with my rental car as I drove into…

BBQ News: 07/15 – 07/21

– We second the motion: .@JusticeWillett proudly casts all his votes for the next Pitmaster General of the United States—Aaron Franklin! — Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) July 19, 2016   – A man in Austin said he worked at Franklin Barbecue and could exchange barbecue for car rides. The people who took him up on it arrived at Franklin the following day to pick up their barbecue, but found the man had duped them. …

Red Wagon BBQ 02

Red Wagon BBQ

Just north of Waco, out on Gholson Road, you’ll find the Red Wagon BBQ trailer. It sits at the back of a gravel lot in between Brazos Valley Cheese and the Homestead General Store at the entrance of Homestead Heritage. Homestead Heritage describes itself as “an agrarian and craft-based intentional Christian community.” As a member of the group, Joe Slack lives on the property and serves as the pitmaster to Red Wagon BBQ. Slack sat down with me…

Grove Smoke Shack 03

The Grove Smoke Shack

At the Grove, a new development on the south side of Tyler, a small wooden building is sandwiched between crisp white structures. I could see the smoke rising above the shiny metal roof from the parking lot, so I assumed it was the barbecue joint. It was called the Smoke Shack, after all. It’s part of a larger collection of venues at the Grove, which also includes the main restaurant, a bar, a takeout market, and an event space….

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