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Lamb Barbacoa en Pozo

John Speights hosted a lamb barbacoa party in Houston over the weekend. For those curious about cooking barbacoa the traditional way, inside a hole in the ground, Speights (@JCSpeights) and Jay Rascoe (@GunsandTacos) documented the entire event, from lamb procurement to completion, on Twitter. I’ve compiled those tweets here for your educational viewing pleasure. [View the story “Lamb Barbacoa en Pozo in Houston” on Storify]

Back Home BBQ 02

Back Home BBQ

Just a few months after opening in early 2015, Dallas’s Back Home BBQ pulled a barbecue mulligan: They shut it down. The already renovated Chinese restaurant got re-renovated. A new patio and sign were installed, and the menu was overhauled. When it reopened last November, pitmaster Carl Anderson began cooking with oak in a J&R smoker that sits in the kitchen, but he told me when he first started out they were using an Alto-Shaam. Dallas…

BBQ News: 03/18 – 03/24

– Get your burnt ends right here: Burnt ends have become a modern-day barbecue delicacy. When you want some, here’s where to go in DFW. — Dallas Observer (@Dallas_Observer) March 21, 2016   – A Barbecue Showdown is coming to the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival next week.  – Just two more weeks at the Evie Mae’s BBQ trailer in Wolfforth before they move into their new building on 04/21.  – Just one more…

Beast BBQ 06

The Beast

A barbecue joint in Paris, France? The notion sounded odd a couple of years ago when I first met Thomas Abramowicz, owner of the Beast. But the shock has worn off, and it seems I’m the last barbecue hound to visit. After so many words and photos from the likes of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and even an Austin blogger about this unlikely beacon of Texas culture in Paris, it felt like I’d already…


Jon Flaming: Barbecue Artist

Jon Flaming is an artist based in Dallas with a love for Texas barbecue. His past work has focused on small town Texas as well as the oil and gas boom in the state, but he has now shifted his focus on the barbecue joints of Texas. He’s currently working to complete thirty large-scale canvasses on the subject (along with burger joints and steakhouses) for a late summer show at David Dike Fine Art in…

BBQ News: 03/04 – 03/17

– A new film from the SFA about Patillo’s Bar-B-Que in Beaumont: Blood Is Blood from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.   – Thrillist ate their way through Austin and compiled this list of the best barbecue in the city. – Food & Wine examines the fantastic barbecue breakfast tacos at Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ in Austin. – Fish sauce is a secret ingredient for plenty of chefs, including Evan LeRoy of Freedmen’s in Austin. – 3M…

Witt Pit 05

The Witt Pit BBQ

Randy Witt bet on a cursed location in the small town of Rosenberg for his first restaurant. He had run a successful catering business with his wife, Shauna for sixteen years before jumping into the restaurant business. “This building has been a barbecue joint for thirty years,” Witt told me, but the name changed often as new owners would rotate in, at least three within the past four years. Now Randy and Shauna are trying to change all…

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