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BBQ News: 05/06 – 05/12

– King Ranch chicken in tube form: As seen at @tmbbq fest: the recipe for @evanleroy’s Smoked King Ranch Sausage — Jess Pryles (@jesspryles) May 8, 2016   – Dai Due in Austin is now offering an option to order a whole hog roast for their patio.  – Romanouska’s Trailer in Austin is closing, but owner Tom Micklethwait said he plans to open a brick and mortar of his Micklethwait Craft Meats trailer. …

Smoke to the Bone 05

Smoked in Texas: Stuffed Potato at Smoke to the Bone BBQ

Gregory Johns didn’t learn to cook barbecue from his family, books, videos, or from a mentor. He taught himself through trial-and-error. As he told me, “You burn some meat, you get it right next time.” His journey began in 1998 when he purchased a steel barrel smoker. Eight years later, Johns is still smoking with the same pit and selling the biggest stuffed potatoes in Dallas at Smoke to the Bone BBQ. When Johns first got…

Julians BBQ 01

Julian’s BBQ

To the people of Corpus Christi, I’m sorry about your barbecue. I tried just about every joint in the city a couple of weeks back, and there wasn’t much good news to report. There was one bright spot, though: Julian’s BBQ. With a black cowboy hat, a black shirt, and a red bandana up over his nose, Julian Zapata feeds live oak logs into two steel pits that sit just behind the ordering counter of his…

BBQ News: 04/29 – 05/05

– “The whole house is still redolent of smoke. If there’s a better scent, I have yet to encounter it.” – Ruth Reichl – These are the up-and-coming pitmasters across the country according to Thrillist, most of which are cooking Texas style. – Ladies and gentlemen, Tootsie Tomanetz:   – East Austin College Prep made this video with Aaron Franklin on what it means to dream big. – The upcoming Cane Rosso location in Austin…

Interview: Dwight Harvey of Off The Bone Barbeque

Owner/Pitmaster: Off the Bone Barbeque; Opened 2009 Age: 70 Smoker: Wood-Fired Rotisserie Smoker Wood: Pecan and Mesquite Off the Bone was once a tiny joint in a neighborhood without much of an identity. Since it opened seven years ago, The Cedars has grown into a destination, and the barbecue joint has grown with it. Not willing to rest easy in retirement, owner and pitmaster Dwight Harvey started the joint after a long career in finance. He sat with me…

Gimme Franklin Brisket

Brisket at the Beards

Last year, Aaron Franklin made history by being the first pitmaster to win in the Best Chef category at the James Beard Awards. He’s back at the awards ceremony in Chicago this year with the dish that got him the 2015 prize. Franklin packed up twenty briskets to serve to the country’s best chefs tonight. Franklin’s plate presentation won’t be fancy. “It’s a big hunk of meat on a piece of bread,” he told me. The brisket…

Kings Hwy BBQ 01

King’s Hwy Brew & Q

Emilio Soliz began his barbecue career in a good spot. As a young man, he was the pitmaster at Two Bros. BBQ Market when they were named to the Texas Monthly Top 50 joints. Soon after, Anthony Bourdain visited and snapped a photo with Soliz—his reputation was on the rise. Then came a falling out with ownership that led to his departure, and Soliz and his wife, Christi, got a trailer of their own called Sweet Christi’s…

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