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Smokey Denmark 01

Smokey Denmark’s Smoked Meat

Smokey Denmark’s has been known for making sausage in Austin for decades. Even up in North Texas, if you ask a barbecue joint where their hot links are from you’ll likely hear “Smokey Denmark.” While they have a storefront at their facility on East 5th Street, links from Smokey Denmark were usually something that came to you on a delivery truck. The they opened a barbecue food truck last year serving a full line of…

BBQ News: 07/10 – 07/16

– Good news! The price of beef plate short ribs is now at a three-year low. Those monster beef ribs are going to get cheaper. – Party like a pitmaster: – Two industry experts debate the effect that beef feedlots have on the environment. – What it Takes to Make a Decent Living Raising Ethical Meat – A man is struck by lightning, survives, and becomes obsessed with barbecue. That’s the story in the novel…

Starbucks Brisket 01

Starbucks Does Brisket

Here I sit, a contradiction personified. I’m typing in a Starbucks in Dallas wearing a t-shirt that reads “LOCAL” and drinking hot coffee on our first true 100 degree day of the year. I just finished the last bite of a sandwich I abhorred before I ever bought it, one that I swore to myself I wouldn’t bother “reviewing.” I use the quotation marks because who really needs me, or anyone, to tell them that…

Jackson St BBQ 07

Jackson Street BBQ

It’s big, it’s bright red, and Jackson Street BBQ is a great new option for Texas barbecue in downtown Houston. Opened earlier this year, it’s a joint venture between Houston chef Bryan Caswell and local pitmaster Greg Gatlin. The two joined forces on a menu with plenty of variety, and aimed squarely at Astros fans headed to Minute Maid Park just a few steps away. It can be startling to drive up to the joint…

BBQ News: 07/03 – 07/09

– The difference between barbecue and grilling from CNN. – The Wall Street Journal also has a piece on barbecue and grilling. – Here’s how your grill actually works: Physics: Infrared, convection, conduction, and how your grill works — Meathead Goldwyn (@ribguy) July 6, 2015   – Lamar Jones of Weslaco, Texas is looking to get his Jank sauce on the shelves at HEB.  – Professor Jeff Savell of Texas A&M talks Texas…

How the East Was Won

TMBBQ welcomes guest writer Megan Giller who takes us to Japan for some Texas barbecue.  Craig White is a Texan. He’s a pitmaster and an expert in smoked meats, and like many of his breed he can be secretive. White designed his own proprietary smoker that he won’t even let you photograph. But here’s the catch: He’s in Tokyo. After cutting his teeth at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor and City Market in Luling, White,…


Franklin for President

With all the candidates thus far who have entered the 2016 run for president, the logos and mottos abound. Our new crop of Texas Monthly interns figured that none of the candidates matched the qualifications of one Aaron Franklin, proprietor of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, so they made some alterations to the slogans already out there. Here at TMBBQ, we urge you to consider the pro-barbecue ticket. Vote for: Instead of:   Wouldn’t you rather have: …than:…

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