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Juneteenth BBQ Competition in Dallas

The seventh annual Elm Thicket/Northpark Juneteenth barbecue competition in Dallas is looking for competitors. It’s being held at the K. B. Polk recreation center, near Love Field, on Saturday, June 18. There’s no prize money, but, as organizer Virgil Lee told me, there are “bragging rights.” For the amateur pitmaster, it could be a good way to get your feet wet in competition barbecue. There is one unique twist, however: No refined sugar allowed. That means virtually…

Intrinsic 01

Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery

Cary Hodson wanted to bring a brewery to historic downtown Garland. City regulations said he needed food to go along with his craft beers, so he enlisted the aptly named Tex Morgan to bring the barbecue. They made room for an Oyler smoker, and now Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery has great brisket to go along with all that great beer, or vice-versa. It’s a big room. Beer tanks are on display up front followed by…

BBQ News: 05/27 – 06/02

– If you haven’t yet, you need to go: Take a trip out to Cele Store, where barbecue, history, and movies collide — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) May 27, 2016   – Wyatt McSpadden shared some of the barbecue portraits he’s taken over the years for Yeti’s Men Behind the Meat.  – The Houston Chronicle discusses barbecue feuds across the state, and the lack of them in Houston.  – The new Typhoon Texas waterpark includes…

From L to R: Brown sugar, toasted sugar, and white sugar

Toasted Sugar Ribs

Brown sugar, white sugar, and honey are all common sweeteners in the pitmaster’s arsenal. They’re great in a pork rub or on chicken to accelerate the browning of the skin. In fact, sugar might be the most popular ingredient in commercial barbecue rubs, which is why I was excited to learn about a new way to use the sweet stuff. Last month, Serious Eats published a story by Stella Parks about toasted sugar. It’s a method of…

Zekes BBQ 01

Zeke’s BBQ

Sometimes all it takes to seduce me into a high-mileage gamble on a barbecue joint are a few meat photos on Facebook. Unless you’re taking the circuitous route to nearby Wichita Falls, Windthorst, Texas isn’t really on the way to anywhere. But a mere five-hour round trip from home isn’t a bad investment for a true hidden gem, and I was betting on Zeke’s BBQ. Chris Pettyjohn’s path to becoming a barbecue joint owner was also roundabout. He is a…

BBQ News: 05/20 – 05/26

– Kelly Yandell began homeschooling her son this year, and created BBQ Thursday as part of his curriculum. He passed with flying colors. – A new look at BBQ around the country: We expect BBQ to be a bargain, which is why many spots start with commodity meat. No longer — Bon Appetit Magazine (@bonappetit) May 24, 2016   – 13 year old Ty Machado from Seguin will compete on the Food Network’s…

Salt Lick BBQ 08

The Salt Lick: An Appreciation

The image above is probably the most well-known in Texas barbecue. A photo of, or with, the iconic pit at the Salt Lick is on par with braking for our state’s bluebonnets along the highway. This particular photo fetched me nearly 3,000 likes on Instagram. My best image of a Franklin Barbecue brisket? 1,163 likes. The open pit’s flaming live oak and the tendrils of sausage hanging above mesmerizes, so much so that Salt Lick literally…

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