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Tejas BBQ 10

Tejas Chocolate Craftory

Scott Moore wanted to make tequila, but you can only call it “tequila” if it’s made in Mexico, and there is already plenty of competition on the store shelves. So he settled for chocolate. The availability of good chocolate was a different story in 2011 when Moore and his partner, Michelle Holland, founded Tejas Chocolate, Texas’s first bean-to-bar chocolate company. Just like barbecue cooked low and slow with wood, bean-to-bar is the hard way to do things…

BBQ News: 01/15 – 01/21

– Georgia-style Texas brisket? What is Georgia barbecue exactly? DAS BBQ, coming in June, hopes to define it: — Atlanta Magazine (@AtlantaMagazine) January 19, 2016   – Eater Atlanta didn’t let DAS BBQ off the hook for some odd comments about women diners and their children. DAS also attributes Georgia barbecue culture wholly to the German and Czech settlers of Georgia.  – These are the best ribs in the country according to Food Network. …

Slow Bone Fried Chicken 03

Smoked in Texas: Smoke-Brined Fried Chicken

The best fried chicken in Dallas is served at a barbecue joint. Any self-respecting pitmaster might cringe when I suggest the fried chicken to prospective customers, but chef and pitmaster Jeffrey Hobbs at the Slow Bone Barbeque in Dallas is plenty proud of his unique smoke-brined fried chicken. Hobbs credits their chicken supplier as a factor in the fried chicken’s taste. They use the same supplier as Chicken Express for both the fried and the…

New Zion BBQ 05

Church BBQ

Out in the Piney Woods of East Texas, a legendary barbecue joint run by the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church has been dishing out classic East Texas-style barbecue since the seventies. Some refer to it as New Zion, after the church it supports next door. Tthers call it “The Church of the Holy Smoke.” But on the business cards that pastor Clinton Edison passes out, it reads “CHURCH BBQ; America’s Food.” New Zion’s Church BBQ has a creation…

BBQ News: 01/08 – 01/14

– Eater has released its second annual list of the 38 essential restaurants in the U.S. This year 13 new names have been added to the list, but Franklin Barbecue remains. – Korean girls try American barbecue:   – Brooks Place BBQ in Houston has vocally supported open carry. The company received a violent threat to their Facebook page last week, but the weekend passed without incident. – One of the most popular stories last…

Fried Pork Belly 09

Puffy Pork Belly

Not quite bacon, not quite chicharrones, puffy pork belly is the Goldilocks zone between the two, a dish that emerges when one makes the decision to deep fry a skin-on pork belly. I’ve written before about how much I love the crispy pig skin that gets chopped into the barbecue at Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina. There’s a crunchiness that results only after the well-cooked skin is exposed to the direct heat from the coals. The skin…

Garcias Tacos 04

Smoked in Texas: Smoked Pork Taco at Garcia’s

Despite the blasphemous ways they treat their smoked meats, Garcia’s in San Antonio makes a mean barbecue taco. I knew all about their now-famous smoked brisket taco because of its rapid rise in popularity: CNN named it one of the ten best tacos in America; Eater called Garcia’s one of their two favorite restaurants in San Antonio; and Tasting Table featured the taco’s recipe near Cinco de Mayo last year. All that, plus Texas Monthly‘s story on the 120 tacos you must…

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