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BBQ News: 08/19 – 08/25

– Operation BBQ Relief is doing some amazing work in the flood-affected areas of Louisiana. Will Cleaver provided this update from their efforts. As of Tuesday, they had served over 180,000 meals. They need your donations. – John Mueller Meat Co. in Austin seized for non-payment of taxes: John Mueller Meat Co. property seized for nonpayment of taxes. — Philip Jankowski (@PhilJankowski) August 19, 2016   – Mueller has 20 days to set up…

Holy Smoke BBQ 07

Holy Smoke BBQ

Sweden is ripe for a Texas barbecue revolution, and the Johans of Holy Smoke BBQ are prepared to lead it. Johan Fritzell and Johan Åkerberg met a few years ago and bonded over a shared love of smoked meats. They soon decided to join forces and open a barbecue joint that serves Texas-style barbecue. So outside of the small coastal town of Nyhamnsläge (Fritzell’s hometown), near the southern tip of Sweden, they stuck a couple of shipping containers together…

Evan LeRoy manning the Freedmen's smoker

Evan LeRoy Leaving Freedmen’s Bar

Talented pitmaster Evan LeRoy has left his position at Freedmen’s Bar in Austin. He’s planning a place of his own, but details are still vague. LeRoy told me over the phone that he hoped to have something open in the Austin area within the next year, and promised that it would be a barbecue-centric menu. In the meantime he’ll be teaching barbecue classes with the 500 gallon smoker he has parked at his home, and working with the…

Franklin Sweden 01

Franklin Barbecue in Sweden

Although he runs Franklin Barbecue out of Austin, Aaron Franklin is known worldwide for his barbecue. Franklin’s smoked meats are respected by his peers and revered by critics, and he has a James Beard Award to prove it. He has shared his knowledge through his show, BBQ With Franklin, and his best-selling book, but up until last week he’d never offered a hands-on cooking class. For his first-ever barbecue class, Franklin made the trek to Holy Smoke BBQ, just…

BBQ News: 08/05 – 08/18

– BBQ guru Steven Raichlen shared his favorite stops for smoked meat with the Daily Beast, and Texas gets plenty of love. – These are the most influential barbecue joints in the country. – Why not try beef chuck in the smoker? Brisket is pricey and finicky. Chuck is cheap and foolproof and makes fantastic barbecue. Try it out! — J. Kenji López-Alt (@TheFoodLab) August 10, 2016   – The Star Telegram was there…

Fox Bros BBQ 01

A Piece of Tex-Lanta at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

Beef barbecue isn’t hard to find in Atlanta. Most menus feature brisket, and the city might just have more options for smoked beef short ribs than Fort Worth. But that wasn’t the case in 2007, when twins Justin and Jonathan Fox opened Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q just east of downtown Atlanta. In what seems like the barbecue dark ages compared to the Atlanta scene today, the pork sandwich was king, and ribs or chicken battled for second and…

BBQ News: 07/29 – 08/04

– Delish looks at the wild world of cooking competitions, including how to become a barbecue judge. – Tasty Meat polled a number of notable grillers about common grilling mistakes. They shared the 25 most common ones. – I talked with the Leisuremen radio show about Texas barbecue, including some great places to find it. Jump ahead to the 20:00 mark. – Zagat talks to barbecue joint owners in Central Texas to find out what…

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