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Bakers Ribs Houston 01

Baker’s Ribs – Houston

Great barbecue at a chain restaurant? I was skeptical to say the least, but in Houston I stopped at the lone Baker’s Ribs location in town. I’d heard it from friends, colleagues, and the store’s owner via Twitter that this was destination worthy barbecue. Having had a number of serviceable meals at the Baker’s Ribs location in Dallas, where the chain was founded in 1988, I didn’t expect to be wowed, but what I found…

BBQ News: 11/14 – 11/20

- The Slow Bone in Dallas is serving a free turkey dinner with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving Day. It is open to all from 1-4. – Southern Living has named Robert Moss as their Contributing Barbecue Editor. – Robert Moss’s first barbecue column is out on the The Daily South blog, and of course it about Texas barbecue. He looks at John Lewis’s new venture in South Carolina. – The entire staff quit with…

Falling Off the Bone Brisket

The Wall Street Journal felt the swift and vicious wrath of Texas barbecue fans this weekend. Austin, the Best New Barbecue Destination was written to shed light on the burgeoning barbecue scene in the capital city. Instead, it will be remembered only for comically praising Franklin Barbecue’s boneless brisket that somehow “literally fell off the bone” according to writer Adam H. Graham. The story has since been edited online, and a correction was issued that states…

Texas Longest Sausage 01

The Longest Sausage in Texas

The Guinness World Record for the world’s longest sausage, from the UK, checks in at just over thirty-six miles. The longest smoked sausage, from Germany, was 1,581 feet, 5 inches, but the longest smoked sausage in Texas (probably) was on display yesterday at Meat Fight in Dallas. Chef Brian Luscher, with the help of Local Yocal Market in McKinney, stitched together enough hog casings to stuff nearly two hundred pounds of pork into one continuous…

Bet The House 03

Bet The House BBQ

Shawn Eagle and Cody Smithers opened a Denton barbecue joint in a strip mall with $5,000 from a Kickstarter campaign and a big dream. A week into running the business they shared with the local paper the desire to make the Texas Monthly Top 50 barbecue list. Five months into it, they still have the passion and enough business to have already expanded the dining area. They’re also still tweaking ingredients and recipes, but it’s the…

BBQ News: 11/07 – 11/13

- Here’s why good barbecue joints run out of meat. – The most important employee at a barbecue joint might be the person cutting the meat. – Ronnie Killen and Wayne Mueller are coming to Austin for a barbecue pop-up on 11/17. – A new homemade sausage recipe in Austin: House made sausage!! #BBQ — Valentina’s TxMx BBQ (@Valstexmexbbq) November 7, 2014   – Dave Cathey at the Daily Oklahoman wasn’t going to let…

Kosher Texas BBQ Championship

Tracy Frydberg attended the Kosher BBQ Championship in San Antonio and filed this report: When we eat smoked brisket in Texas, we can stop and thank the Jewish community. Or, at least that connection can be firmly made. As Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor, noted in a column on the history of smoked brisket, the first mention of the meat in Texas was in a 1910 newspaper ad for a Kosher grocery store in…

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