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Pecan Lodge Brisket

Most Memorable BBQ Bites of 2014

I ate a lot of barbecue meals in 2014. Some were great, some awful, but most of them landed closer to the middle. Rather than reliving the bad ones, these were my twenty-five most memorable bites from the past year, presented in chronological order. Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan, Texas – Spare Ribs on 01/09 The brisket here can be up and down, but the spare ribs are always solid. These three were some of…

Guitar 02

The Official Guitar of Texas BBQ

Dave Barry and Kevin Tully left the east coast for Austin for the music scene and the barbecue. In 2011 they started Moniker Guitars on South Congress, and racked up visits to Black’s BBQ, The Salt Lick, and Franklin Barbecue among others. “Barbecue and live music are iconically Austin,” says Barry, so they decided to combine the two. These new barbecue-themed guitars are available only through their Kickstarter campaign that runs through January 6th. The…

Top 2014 Newsmakers in Texas BBQ

Barbecue is always the headliner on TMBBQ, and every week you’ll find a new line-up of barbecue news. There are barbecue joints and pitmasters that manage to keep themselves perpetually newsworthy, and some stories are just more impactful than others. Looking back over the past year, we’ve collected and ranked the biggest newsmakers in Texas barbecue for 2014. 1. La Barbecue in Austin…and Charleston: Back in May they were named as the best barbecue in Austin by two…

Spechts Store 01

Specht’s Store

In 1908, German immigrant William Specht bought some property outside Bulverde, Texas, about twenty miles north of San Antonio. He took over the operation of an existing store, and by the early twenties erected a building that, according to the Bulverde Standard, was originally a dance hall. Being next to Camp Stanley it was popular as a watering hole for the nearby soldiers. Those services weren’t always welcome, and on January 24th, 1918 Specht was…

BBQ News: 12/12 – 12/18

- Pitmasters have embraced the term “joint” to describe their restaurants: If it’s not a barbecue “joint,” then what is it? My latest for @HoustonChron. — J.C. Reid (@jcreidtx) December 15, 2014   – Carl’s Jr. has announced a grass-fed beef burger that they starting serving yesterday.  – Whole Foods is being sued in the death of Joshua Kaye which has been blamed on E. coli infected grass-fed beef burgers.  – A report from the…

Interview: Chris Manning of Smokey Joe’s BBQ

Owner: Smokey Joe’s BBQ; Opened 1985 Age: 24 Smoker: Wood-fired Brick Smoker Wood: Hickory Thirty years is a long time to keep a barbecue joint going, but Chris Manning wasn’t even born when Smokey Joe’s opened in 1985. The twenty-four year old swore he wouldn’t work in the barbecue joint. He went to college to find another path, but he came back. Now his dad is focused on his home building business, Joe Melton, the namesake of Smokey Joe’s, is retired,…

Stillwater BBQ 04

Stillwater Barbeque

With a history formed by ranching and railroads, Abilene sounds like a city destined to have good brisket. It was founded in 1883 after cattle ranchers and land speculators convinced the railroad to swing north of former county seat Buffalo Gap, and a new city was born. After the railroad came through, cattle no longer needed to make the long trek up the Great Western Trail to Kansas. Still, good brisket is hard to find here….

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