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BBQ News: 10/23 – 10/29

– With brisket prices coming down, both Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland and Riverport Barbecue in Jefferson have lowered their prices on brisket. – Rick Bayless is insightful on the future of barbecue, and he puts the smack down on the way barbecue is generally portrayed on television. – A yodel dedicated to Franklin Barbecue: Finished a page, so took a few minutes to write a really short song: Franklin BBQ Blue Yodel. — Chris…

18 Vine Burnt Ends 05

No End to KC Getting Burnt by Texas

Kansas City deserves all the credit for one of barbecue’s greatest inventions: the burnt end. These are the crusty ends from the fatty side of the brisket that are cubed into bite-sized morsels. They’re sometimes re-seasoned and/or sauced, then smoked further to get more tender and a bit crunchy around the edges. Without them, the only brisket Kansas City would have to offer are those limp slices of deli roast beef that they call sliced brisket. Kansas…

Tuffy Stone and his Cool Smoke pit

Head-to-Head Competition Tasting

There’s plenty of skill that goes into preparing competition-style barbecue, but most contestants will tell you that it’s really one thing that separates first place from tenth: luck. Luck that conditions are favorable during their cook; luck that every entry gets into its respective entry box flawlessly; and luck that the box finds its way onto the right table of judges. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll remember that I’ve said that competition-style barbecue is in a class…

Winners BBQ 01

Winners BBQ

De’Andre Jackson never thought he’d be cooking barbecue for a living. As a football star out of Garland, he started for the Big 12’s Iowa State. Entering his senior year, some had him graded as the third best cornerback in college. An ACL-tear toward the end of the season kept him from being drafted, and his NFL dreams were over before they could really get started. After a year in the CFL, he decided finishing…

Killen Menu

The Karma of Brisket Prices

Ronnie Killen has had enough with high-priced brisket at his Houston-area barbecue joint. Killen’s Barbecue has garnered praise for his juicy smoked briskets (and just about everything else on his menu) from Texas Monthly, and even the Food Network, but it didn’t come cheap. Along with big names like Pecan Lodge in Dallas and Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Killen’s has been charging $20/lb for brisket in response to high beef prices, especially on this specialty cut….

BBQ News: 10/16 – 10/22

– Nine more sleeps until the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival in Austin on 11/01. – Lance Kirkpatrick from Stiles Switch in Austin was on KEYE slicing brisket like the ones they’ll be serving at the Barbecue Festival. – We released our new list of the 25 Best New (and Improved) BBQ Joints in Texas. – A new video from 24 Frames profiling Lubbock-area barbecue: – There’s a Barbecue Town Hall Meeting going down at Texas…

New Dickeys 07

A New Look For Dickey’s

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has more than 500 locations, but their newest remodel in Dallas is one of kind—for now. New graphics, lighting, and design flourishes give it an updated look that’s five years in the making, says CEO Roland Dickey Jr. in an article by Restaurant Business. It’s an update that will become the template for the brand’s new locations. I visited it recently, and not much has changed on the exterior other than some new window graphics. There’s…

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