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BBQ News: 01/22 – 01/28

– The line at Franklin Barbecue gets some NYT coverage: It’s 10:06 a.m. in Texas. Hundreds may be in line for this BBQ. Even Kanye had to wait. — The New York Times (@nytimes) January 27, 2016   – The Austin American Statesman has some fun at the expense of the NYT, who they say is a bit late on the story of the Franklin Barbecue line.  – The first issue of a…

Pastrami Hometown BBQ 02


In the U.S. we associate pastrami with beef. Whether it’s the more traditional beef navel (a.k.a. beef plate or beef belly), brisket, or even beef short ribs (as discussed yesterday), the word pastrami evokes beefiness. That wasn’t always the case. If you reach back deep into the history of pastrami—and even further back to Turkish and Romanian basturma—it was all about the fowl. In his book about pastrami and the delicatessen, Save the Deli, David Sax…

Cattleack Pastrami 02

Pastrami Beef Ribs

When I first saw a pastrami beef rib on the menu at The Granary in San Antonio, my heart nearly skipped a beat (no blood pressure jokes, please). It was late 2012, and I’d never seen such a thing. Six months later, after I was named the Barbecue Editor, it was one of the first things I ate as part of my new job duties. The verdict? I wanted to love it, but it was…

Goodfriend Mushroom Pastrami 02

Smoked in Texas: Mushroom Pastrami

Oliver Sitrin is no stranger to pastrami experimentation. During his time as chef at Blind Butcher on Greenville in Dallas, he’s taken his thin-sliced beef pastrami and piled it high on rye (a traditional presentation, to be sure), as well as tucked it into an egg roll. He’s made tender duck pastrami, paired it with duck bacon, and served it on a pretzel roll. And now, at the new Goodfriend Package Store on the other side of town, Sitrin…

Pastrami Kenny Ziggy 01


It’s Pastrami Week here at TMBBQ. I’ve been traveling across the state—and the country—for the last few months (okay, maybe years) looking for examples of pastrami excellence. Most have come in the form of beef, but mushrooms, salmon, and octopus have made appearances as well. This week we’ll celebrate them all. Despite Texas’s long history with pastrami (it may have been birthed here before New York City), we haven’t been a great haven for delicatessens. Since it opened…

Tejas BBQ 10

Tejas Chocolate Craftory

Scott Moore wanted to make tequila, but you can only call it “tequila” if it’s made in Mexico, and there is already plenty of competition on the store shelves. So he settled for chocolate. The availability of good chocolate was a different story in 2011 when Moore and his partner, Michelle Holland, founded Tejas Chocolate, Texas’s first bean-to-bar chocolate company. Just like barbecue cooked low and slow with wood, bean-to-bar is the hard way to do things…

BBQ News: 01/15 – 01/21

– Georgia-style Texas brisket? What is Georgia barbecue exactly? DAS BBQ, coming in June, hopes to define it: — Atlanta Magazine (@AtlantaMagazine) January 19, 2016   – Eater Atlanta didn’t let DAS BBQ off the hook for some odd comments about women diners and their children. DAS also attributes Georgia barbecue culture wholly to the German and Czech settlers of Georgia.  – These are the best ribs in the country according to Food Network. …

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