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Paynes BBQ Shack 03

Payne’s Bar-B-Q Shak

Robert Payne has worked as a butcher in the past, and more recently for the Butter Krust bread bakery. His wife, Penny, was also in food service at a local school cafeteria. Three years ago, they both decided to retire and open up a barbecue joint in Burnet. They chose a building on the west side of town that has seen number of barbecue joints come and go. One of those was Burnet County Barbeque…

A Few Discoveries in Houston

Amidst the rain and overcast skies in Houston yesterday, there was a barbecue festival. The second year for the Houston Barbecue Festival was held at Reliant Park, and twenty local pitmasters gathered to share their barbecue bounty with an estimated two thousand guests. The rain came in waves, but I had plenty of time between the downpours to try every one of the restaurants in attendance. I was already familiar with the excellent brisket at…

BBQ News: 03/28 – 04/03

- April Fools Day was on Tuesday, and there were some tricks played in the barbecue world. The Sidedish blog announced a new BBQ Explosion flavor of Orbit gum based on Pecan Lodge’s barbecue. Delaney Barbecue in Brooklyn said they were changing their name to TofuTown. And Southern Soul BBQ in Georgia said they were switching their all-wood operation to gas cookers. – Another April Fools favorite was from the Paris Review that ran this…

Interview: J. D. Bost of Jasper’s Bar-B-Q

Pitmaster: Jasper’s Bar-B-Q, opened 1915 (or 1918) Age: 52 Smoker: Gas-fired rotisserie smoker Wood: Pecan and Oak About six weeks ago I sat down with J. D. Bost at Jasper’s Bar-B-Q in Waco. He’s the general manager of this nearly century-old barbecue restaurant on Elm Street started by an Italian immigrant. Since the DiMaria family sold the business it has gone through multiple hands. Now a trio of local investors own it, and J. D. Bost is…

Billys Oak Acres 09

Billy’s Oak Acres Bar-B-Q

On my first visit back in October, I thought that Billy Woodrich of Billy’s Oak Acres was smoking the best brisket in Fort Worth. It was smoky, moist, and perfectly tender showing some real skill from whoever was tending the pit. Since then, my opinion has wandered back and forth a bit over several visits where the restaurant seemed to be schizophrenic. It turns out it was all in Woodrich’s head, but it was just…

Jerk Baby Back Ribs

Billy Durney is a native of Brooklyn, so it wasn’t difficult to choose the small Red Hook neighborhood in which he opened his barbecue joint, Hometown Bar-B-Que. He called it “Hometown” because this is where both his grandmothers settled after emigrating to New York. This is where he returned to after traveling the world as a private bodyguard to the stars. This is where he gets to smoke meat in the mornings with a view…

BBQ News: 03/21 – 03/27

Public Service Announcement – This twitter account exists: I’ve seen bigger lines for the girls bathroom on dirty 6th. Shortest wait all week guaranteed. #protip #bbq #atx — Franklin BBQ Line (@FranklinBBQline) March 25, 2014   – Zagat Austin provides this list of under-the-radar barbecue joints to visit in town.  – Doug Pickering, pitmaster at WORK in Dallas, was featured on the local news. Here’s the video.  – When vegans attack:   – D…

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