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Local Yocal BBQ 05

Local Yocal Backyard

McKinney now has a barbecue truck, but it wasn’t an easy path. The suburb north of Dallas took so long to allow food trucks (they were illegal per city ordinance until last year) that the mobile food bandwagon was gone before the city had the chance to hop on. Restrictions like minimum distances between food trucks and restaurants (300 feet), and even other food trucks (1,000 feet) are still in place, which is why you might find them…

Railhead 04

30 Years of Railhead Smokehouse

When Charlie Geren opened Railhead Smokehouse in Fort Worth, he had already failed at his previous attempt at the restaurant business. Geren said he had just “lost his ass” in a “steak and beer joint” in north Fort Worth, but decided to partner with a pitmaster friend, Harry Pilcher, to take over an empty beer barn. Thirty years later, Railhead is still a Fort Worth staple, and the spot where Geren gets lunch everyday when he’s in Fort Worth….

BBQ News: 11/04 – 11/10

– Austin’s? I think you meant “the World’s.” The making of one of Austin’s very best breakfast tacos — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) November 5, 2016   – The upscale smoked meat restaurant Smoky Rose will open later this year across from the Dallas Arboretum.  – The Dallas Observer is impressed with the new brunch menu at 18th & Vine, but as for the question, “who wants burnt ends at 10:30 a.m.?” Me.  – Central…

Hutchins Texas Twinkies 02

Smoked in Texas: Texas Twinkies at Hutchins BBQ

Leftover brisket is a fact of life for most barbecue joints, but how they use it says a lot about their commitment to quality. It’s far better suited for fortifying pinto beans than to be back on the slicing block for day two. I’ve eaten fine chopped brisket sandwiches, tacos, and even enchiladas made from leftovers, but at Hutchins BBQ in McKinney they’ve found the most regal reuse of brisket in Texas. In the afterlife of brisket,…

Raps BBQ 06

Rap’s BBQ

A promising visit six years ago, and the photos of their new offset smoker on Facebook had me excited to visit Rap’s BBQ. They opened up in a shopping center in Plano five weeks ago after a long hiatus from the barbecue business. Alex, who was working the front counter, said they were broken into four times in six months in their old East Dallas location. When it closed in late 2010, the employees all…

BBQ News: 10/28 – 11/03

– The Texas Monthly BBQ Festival wrapped up on Sunday, and the Brisket and Bagels blog has a great collection of photos from the event. – The barbecue festival was also well covered by Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt, Escape Hatch Dallas, and… – …The Smoking Ho: Sights and Bites from the 7th Annual #TMBBQFest – — Jimmy Ho (@TheSmokingHo) November 1, 2016   – Evan LeRoy “has been the de facto barbecue guru…

Interview: Alice Lassaude of Meat Fight

Alice Lassaude is an incredibly funny writer with a James Beard award to show for it. She’s also the Meat Queen of Meat Fight, or more properly, the CEO of Meat Fight, Inc. Meat Fight is a barbecue competition unlike any other. It pits chefs against chefs, and leaves all the judging to a panel of pitmasters. Now in its sixth year, Meat Fight is also one of the biggest fundraisers for the National MS Society….

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