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Chico Fox 02

Smoked in Texas: Pulled Pork at Chico & the Fox

A barbecue truck in Austin is nothing new, but there’s plenty about Chico & the Fox that is unconventional. They don’t serve sausage, ribs, or even brisket. This truck is dedicated to pulled pork. You also won’t find a rustic smoker out back. Everything is smoked in an electric Masterbuilt cabinet smoker strapped to the tail of the truck. Yet even if they don’t have a pile of wood, the pulled pork heaped on their sandwiches still…

Ronnies BBQ 01

Ronnie’s BBQ

Ronnie Weiershausen is a rare breed. Although most every barbecue joint out there is using an offset smoker or a rotisserie, Weiershausen still prefers the old-fashioned way of burning oak logs down to coals to feed the pits at Ronnie’s BBQ in Johnson City. The smell of fat dripping onto the hot coals perfumes the gravel parking lot, and even the highway just beyond it if the wind is just right. It’s the smell of direct-heat…

Cooler Brisket 10


If you’re king of the backyard barbecue, chances are you’ve held cooked barbecue in your cooler (without ice, of course). Some even have a name for it, the faux Cambro, named after the insulated food storage boxes made by Cambro Manufacturing. Suffice it to say, it’s a simple hack to keep barbecue hot without electricity, and using equipment most of us have at home. I use the method often, but I’d never considered that the same cooler…

BBQ News: 04/08 – 04/14

– How Jon Favreau lured Bill Murray with a smoked brisket: Watch: Jon Favreau smoked Bill Murray a brisket to prepare for ‘The Jungle Book’ — Eater (@Eater) April 7, 2016   – Eater Austin takes a good look at the current barbecue truck scene in Austin.  – BBQ Recon tries the new Cooper’s BBQ in Austin and is impressed.  – The Live Fire event in Austin was a meaty success, and Eater…

Boneless Ribs 03

Boneless Ribs

I recently documented my love for the rib sandwich, so when I learned there was a company selling boneless racks of ribs, I had to order them. It seemed these ribs from Ohio-based Bubba’s Q would be the perfect alternative to the deconstructed rib sandwich. Al “Bubba” Baker, a man I grew up rooting for when he was a Cleveland Brown, developed the idea along with his daughter Brittani at their restaurant in Avon, Ohio, where…

BBQ News: 04/01 – 04/07

– “It’s funny with barbecue, because the most beloved barbecue places in the South, by and large, serve the shittiest barbecue.” – Alton Brown – Is wood versus gas really the debate? Wood or Gas? Maybe That’s the Wrong Question @mossr @BBQsnob — Pork n Whisk(e)y (@porknwhiskey) April 6, 2016   – The Cyclone Corral, southeast of Temple, has opened for the season, but only on Fridays and Saturdays.  – Lupe Limon, formerly of…

Churrasco Book 03

Churrasco: Grilling the Brazilian Way

Rio Grande do Sul is the Texas of South America. Or at least that’s how Evandro Caregnato describes the Brazilian state. And he should know. He grew up there, and it’s where he lived when the founders of Texas de Brazil restaurant asked him to move here in 1998 to help them open a churrascaria, or Brazilian-style barbecue restaurant. In the intervening years, Caregnato has become the culinary director for the forty-plus locations they’ve opened since. “I…

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