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Interview: Roy & Tim Hutchins of Hutchins BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Hutchins BBQ; Opened 1978 (current location 1991) Age: Roy 65, Tim 33 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Pecan and Oak Roy Hutchins started his family in the barbecue business in 1978 with a tiny smokehouse in Princeton, Texas. Since then his sons have been involved in running multiple barbecue joints across North Texas, and his youngest son Tim took over the flagship Hutchins BBQ in McKinney in 2005. Since then there have been tragedies to overcome, but…

A Tour of Houston Sausages

As one third of the Texas barbecue trinity, smoked sausage has important stature in Texas. Central Texas has its beef sausages, East Texas has got hot links, and you’ll find plenty of smoked boudin along the Louisiana border. In Houston, they have it all as J.C. Reid and Michael Fulmer showed me in a guided tour last week through the south side of town. There are still plenty out there still left to try, but…

Clarks Outpost 08

Clark’s Outpost

In 1974 Warren Clark opened a little barbecue shack in Tioga, Texas, and it didn’t take long before it became the darling of food critics, chefs and celebrities. In 1989, Alan Richman, then writing for People, claimed “Clark produces the best barbecue in Texas, which is something to brag about.” Dallas chef Dean Fearing became a Warren Clark disciple and would ferry visiting chefs to Tioga for a bite of barbecue. Robert Del Grande and Stephan…

BBQ News: 07/04 – 07/10

- Thrillist has ranked every state based on their food and drink options. Texas scored a #2 ranking based mainly on our great barbecue. – Texas Barbecue Week starts this Sunday, and there’s some good eating to do around Texas barbecue joints. – John Raven, the Commissioner of Barbecue shared a message for Barbecue Week including such opinions as “The Austin Trailer Trash Barbecue has grown to unreal proportions,” and “cook-offs are where the new…

Photo from earlier today by John Mueller

Presidential Barbecue

The Dark Prince of Texas barbecue smoked beef ribs for the POTUS. John Mueller is in Dallas today along with President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for a barbecue fundraiser at the home of Marc Stanley just southwest of Forest and 75. John Mueller commented on the president’s request to eat his barbecue in typical fashion. “I probably have warrants in Dallas and this is the cops’ way to get me up here and eat at the…

Interview: Greg Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Gatlin’s BBQ; Opened 2010 Age: 34 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Hickory Greg Gatlin went from breaking up pass plays as a member of the Rice Owls to the world of corporate real estate, but he always knew he wanted to work in the restaurant industry. When the culinary school option evaporated, he dove into the barbecue business with his parents. Four years later, he is one of the state’s most respected pitmasters, and the popularity of his…

Texas Barbecue Week 2014

Next Sunday marks the beginning of the second annual Texas Monthly Barbecue Week. During this week-long celebration of our culinary heritage, everyone’s invited to visit the participating joints featured in our 2013 Top 50 BBQ issue who are offering a barbecue special. Fifty-four in total are included this year, and a full list can be found here. A portion of the profits from each Texas Barbecue Week special will go to benefit Foodways Texas, which is “an organization founded…

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