Wilhite’s Barbeque

4903 FM 1327
Creedmoor, TX 78610

Phone: 512-243-2703
Hours: Wed-€“Thur 10:30-€“3:30, Fri 10:30-€“9, Sat 10:30-€“3:30

Opened 1962
Pitmaster Robert Wilhite
Method wood

TMBBQ Rating: 4


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Not what I was expecting. Walking through the door I could smell the smoke, and all I could think was this is going to be good. I ordered the 2 meat plate with sausage & moist brisket, potato salad and beans. Let's start with the sides. The beans were pretty good had a nice flavor to them but lacked salt and pepper, I would definitely get them again. The potato salad, I covered it in salt and pepper tried it again and added more black pepper before I would give it an okay status. Wilhite's isn't starting off very well, but who goes to a real BBQ joint for the sides anyway. On to the que. The sausage was already sliced into bite size pieces. Shouldn't a place like this know that you never slice the sausage! All that does is dry it out and this sausage had already spent to much time on a hot pit. Again it had decent flavor, but it was so dry. my visit was at 11:30am so it was one of the first pieces to come off the pit, I do not want to know what it would have been like if it was 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Whoever is cutting the brisket needs to learn where moist brisket comes from. The guy at the counter wrote down moist brisket and I get slices from the "flat"! Every BBQ joint knows, or should know, that you cut moist brisket from the "point". The bark- was decent I've seen better but I would say it was from an average BBQ joint. The rub didn't have much of a pepper taste but had a decent amount of salt. They did manage to get a good amount of smoke into that piece of meat. That was probably the bright spot to the entire meal - I nice smokey piece of brisket. I will give them another try every body has a bad day, maybe this was theirs. If the meat is the same as it was on this trip, I won't return for a 3rd visit.
Butchkluth @ Wilhite’s Barbeque, 2016-01-06 18:31:54
4903 Farm to Market Road 1327, Buda, TX
wittgenstein @ Wilhite's Barbeque, 2012-07-19 08:14:43
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September 21, 2012

Robert Wilhite is both mayor and resident pitmaster in Creedmoor. He runs one of the few restaurants in town, and I’d guess this is the best one. Don’t let the adjoining Valero station fool you into thinking this is some fly-by-night barbecue stand. Robert’s dad started this place back in 1962, and it’s been smoking ever since. These days the meat is smoked in one of two custom-designed cylindrical smokers that function like a lazy…