Silver Saddle Smokehouse

312 E Main St
Bellville, TX 77418

Phone: (979) 865-8800


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Really good brisket, (worthy of a TM top 50) Ribs were a little overcooked, sausage tended toward a commercial blend.
paul_umlove @ Silver Saddle Smokehouse, 2016-01-29 23:27:43
Came here again. Not as fantastic as lat two times but still good, especially for price. I think it was more mental frustration than taste as it was the way the meat was cut. Should have been cut the other direction as it pulled apart vertically and not horizontally. Bark was a bit hard(like crispy chicken skin ) but good smoke and pepper taste. Meat Flavor wise just as good and once pulled apart(turned plate 180deg for easy pull), melted in mouth. Corn casserole was great. Nice fresh corn taste with a jalapeño kick. Cole slaw was sweet from mayo and vinegary at same time with good crunch.
Terry r @ Silver Saddle Smokehouse, 2016-01-29 19:13:03
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