Pit Stop Bar-B-Q

502 S 1st St.
Temple, TX 76504

Phone: (254) 458-5059
Hours: Tues-Sat 10:30 - 6:30

Opened 2010
Pitmaster Kim Dunn
Method Pecan in an indirect heat pit

TMBBQ Rating: 3.25


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If you want brisket that is chewy an tough but has flavor, this is the place for you. For me I am a moist guy so 0 out 5. Glad the owner let me taste it first. Tried BBQ chicken and it is very moist but way too much smoke. Almost fake smoke. If eat it with the great cole slaw together it is much better as Cole slaw breaks the overpowering smoke. I also tasted the chicken BBQ fried rice and it was great with a bit of heat. They were out of the bulgogi which I've heard is amazing. I'll try next time.
Terry r @ Pit Stop Bar-B-Q, 2017-02-01 18:08:10
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March 4, 2014

The joint’s not big. There are just a few tables, and most customers take their order to go. Behind the small counter is Kim Dunn who opened this place four years ago after moving from nearby Belton. As someone who seems to genuinely enjoy her job, there’s a good chance she’ll be smiling when she takes your order. Choose wisely, because there’s a large menu to pick from. Dunn’s work in the food service industry…