Lockhart Smokehouse

400 W. Davis
Dallas, TX 75208

Phone: 214-944-5521
Hours: Daily 11 till meat runs out (9ish)
Website: lockhartsmokehouse.com
Twitter: @DallasLockhart

Opened 2011
Pitmaster Tim McLaughlin and Will Fleischman
Method Post oak; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip Check the cooler case for smoked-brisket deviled eggs.

TMBBQ Rating: 4.5

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50


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Once again the absolute best bbq I now have tried everything on the menu today was the pork chop, nice flavor from the seasoning to the perfect smoke.
Rhonda Owens @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2015-04-05 22:26:57
Pork ribs are superb. Brisket was a little dry. Ribs don't need sauce which is a good thing because the sauce isn't good. Lockhart slaw has a kick and is ok. Bbq beans are fair. Overall pretty good. Glad I came but won't make any special trips back.
bbq-kel @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2015-03-25 18:13:50
Excellent Wagyu Beef Belly
David Monasmith @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2015-03-05 01:09:45
This place is a top five for food quality, certainly the best in Dallas.
@ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2015-03-02 19:20:11
Great brisket and pork tenderloin
David Monasmith @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2014-10-18 02:01:31
Pork chop was awesome
David Monasmith @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2014-10-02 18:51:35
This place is not at all what it should've they were out of regulr sausage the clod was devoid of salt or pepper as was the turkey Mac n cheese was good as was snores bread pudding the rest wasn't worth the trip and Angelo's and Longorias and the sausage shoppe in ft worth are better hell Sammie's is better than this
doug_wallace @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2014-07-08 13:23:23
A place definitely worthy of its Lockhart BBQ lineage. Fatty brisket was amazing; lean brisket a little drier than I like but still good. Jalapeño Mac 'n Cheese and jalapeño sausage were top notch. Pork ribs solid. Wasn't too sold on BBQ sauce but this Q deserves to be eaten like its Kreuz brethren, no silverware and sauce. Elite BBQ.
Rahul Yaratha @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2014-05-31 20:28:47
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May 14, 2013

The closest some Dallasites will get to a Central Texas barbecue experience could well be ordering meat by the pound at Lockhart Smokehouse. The similarity to Kreuz Market, in Lockhart, isn’t an accident. Co-owner Jill Bergus is part of the Schmidt family, who run Kreuz Market, and she and her partner (and husband), Jeff, wanted to strive for that Central Texas vibe. Customers place their orders in the back in full view of the cutting…

March 26, 2011

It’s good people, and it’s $15-per-pound good too. Three visits over the last three weeks have confirmed it. Brisket has morphed from very good to nearly perfect over those past three visits since my last review. The sausage just keeps getting better too, although it’s not quite to the level of making an all-beef convert out of me. My affection for the clod here is well documented, and the pork chop has always been top…

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