Hutchins BBQ

1301 N. Tennessee
McKinney, TX 75069

Phone: 972-548-2629
Hours: Sun-€“Thur 11-€“9, Fri & Sat 11-€“9:30.

Opened 1978 (current location since 1991)
Pitmaster Tim Hutchins (since 1999)
Method Pecan, hickory, and mesquite; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip The meat comes from the Local Yocal butcher down the street.

TMBBQ Rating: 4.25

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50


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Delicious !!! AS ALWAYS!!!
Gene White @ Hutchins BBQ, 2017-02-04 22:06:52
Fantastic brisket. It could really use ore smoke but the moist is moist with all fat rendered and good crunchy "skin" with pepper flavor. The BBQ sauce does have a smoky flavor so it's imperative to use either the original or spicy. Letdown was the chicken. It was dried out and had no flavor. Doesn't come close to bill millers which I think is best chicken(brisket sucks). Sides: Cole slaw okay with a natural mayo taste. Peppered corn must have over stayed it's time in the water as it was mushy. I'd say 4.5 out of 5 on brisket. 1 out of 5 on chicken. 4 of 5 on cole slaw. 1 of 5 stars on corn.
Terry r @ Hutchins BBQ, 2016-08-02 18:53:54
Found the rubs to be wonderful, but tender not over cooked, brisket and ham were the other meats we tried and found those to be dry but with good smoke. Sides were good.....
phutson09 @ Hutchins BBQ, 2016-07-31 00:55:29
We have been going to Hutchins for almost 20 years and since they rebuilt after the fire, they have taken it to a new level. All around it is great - meat, sides, desserts - everything is done well. The brisket is very tasty- maybe not quite as tender as Franklins and La Barbecue but close. The bacon wrapped, cream cheese & brisket stuffed jalapeño is my wife's favorite. The jalapeño & cheese sausage is fantastic. The ribs, chicken and sides are all top tier. Our favorites include the potato salad, broccoli salad and mac & cheese. Overall, you can not go wrong with a stop at Hutchins
bbqmeatlover @ Hutchins BBQ, 2016-02-07 22:56:05
Brisket was nicely barked. Ribs had a nice flavor. The cucumber tomato salad was great. The green beans were delightful. This is a do over!
Ebbitt @ Hutchins BBQ, 2015-12-04 01:22:20
Worth any wait time you have to endure. Love the place!!!
Gene White @ Hutchins BBQ, 2015-09-19 22:52:35
Excellent. Brisket and ribs.
jeff hodges @ Hutchins BBQ, 2015-08-15 21:13:57
jeff hodges @ Hutchins BBQ, 2015-07-26 11:50:30
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May 16, 2013

Last June, after a one-alarm blaze left their pit room in shambles and their business on hold, the father-son team of Roy and Tim Hutchins began to rebuild. They documented the process on Facebook, offering reports from the construction site and musing about the psyche of the Texas barbecue purveyor (“A brisket sandwich was the very first thing I thought of when I woke up,” read one 6:34 a.m. post in early October). Finally, on…

August 20, 2010

Update: This joint has recovered from their fire and are now open for business. Being able to see your meat being chopped, sliced, and portioned can really improve your meal if you know what to ask for. After ordering up a three-meat combo of ribs, sausage, and sliced brisket at Hutchins, I noticed the knife man grabbing for a dried-out hunk of lean brisket from the flat. I kindly asked for some fatty brisket instead that…