Hard Eight Barbeque

1091 Glen Rose Rd
Stephenville, Texas 76401

Phone: 254-968-5552


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Everything was a little too dry for me.... Brisket sandwich was my favorite
Kyle030390 @ Hard Eight BBQ, 2017-01-13 19:47:31
Shishkabob and ham both good
douglas78@aol.com @ Hard Eight BBQ, 2016-10-25 17:48:46
awesome ,dont miss this one
rgv @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2013-05-15 21:21:01
Best place to eat in Stephenville. Period.
wings24 @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2012-11-23 12:32:29
Eatin here several times think its the best hard eight location
douglas78@aol.com @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2012-10-20 13:11:25
Brisket was more like pot roast. The ribs were the best I've ever had. Perfect.
gracecase @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2012-08-13 21:06:23
Chicken dipped in butter was off the chain and the bacon wrapped shrimp are always awesome!
sbtamlett @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2012-07-31 13:16:28
Good chops and sausage
4gee @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2012-07-15 11:35:29
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