BBQ News: 06/21 – 06/27

- Pecan Lodge in Dallas, a Top 4 BBQ joint in the state, just might be moving. Owner and pitmaster Justin Fourton hinted at this possibility in our interview a few weeks back. Some even speculate that their next stop might not be in Dallas. – A recent Top 50 BBQ choice, Hatfield’s BBQ in Rockport is already having some growing pains. The dual business of a barbecue joint and beer garden looks to be two separate businesses soon….

BBQ News: 06/14 – 6/20

- Good news. We announced a couple weeks back that Hashknife on the Chisholm was closing. Word from owner Jim McLennan is that they’re reopening with a limited menu. After a hard 3 wks of thinking,refurbished kitchen,and a new staff,hashknife will reopen with bbq and burgers only,Opening wed june 19th. — big jim/hashknife (@hashkniferibs) June 18, 2013   – Criminals stole the wrong smoker last week. They took it from the Dallas Police Association. They…

Come back to Texas, John T.

I read your plea, John T. Edge. Until now I’ve been a great admirer of your writing. It’s hard to read the words without hearing your buttery Southern intonation like the read-along records of my youth. It is through your articles and lectures that I’ve learned much of what I know of barbecue in the American South. You know from our conversations that I love a good bite of outside brown meat in the Piedmont…

Mystery Diners: Cooper’s Bar-B-Q Edition

Terry Wootan is best known as the owner of Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Q, and some in Llano might know him for his real estate business. But the I bet few would expect to see him as a dramatic actor on a television show. That might be what happened a couple of weeks back when he appeared on Mystery Diners on the Food Network. The premise of the show was that the secret family sauce…

A BBQ Road Trip Soundtrack

Senior editor Katy Vine, author of the Greatest Barbecue Story Ever Told, put together a BBQ Road Trip soundtrack. It features fourteen songs with a variation of the word “barbecue” in the title, six tracks called “Salt and Pepper,” three boogies, an ode to white bread, and one catchy instrumental that captures the fizzy feeling one gets when they consume the magical elixir that is Big Red. Listen below, or here.

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