BBQ News: 06/13 – 06/19

by Daniel Vaughn · June 19, 2014

- Zagat Austin lists their favorite barbecue events around the state this summer.

- Gayot comes out with their list of the top ten barbecue joints in the country.

- has a list of their top BBQ destinations. In Austin they highlight a humorous paring of events – a meal with John Mueller followed by the Austin Symphony.

- They’re trying their hand at smoked brisket in North Carolina, and even knocking off a Texas style barbecue sauce:


- The play BBQ Apocalypse will run through this weekend in Dallas. 

- PETA protested a ribfest in Canada’s capital yesterday with tattooed half-naked women. 

- J C Reid recounts the Fathers Day BBQ held in Millheim, Texas northwest of Houston. 

- On the importance of barbecue and red drinks when celebrating Juneteenth

- Here’s how to win a year’s worth of barbecue, mailed to your home. 

- It’s coming:


- An interview with Erin O’Shea about her Texas style BBQ joint in Philly.

- A profile on Ash Fulk who is cooking Texas style BBQ in Brooklyn at the new Hill Country BBQ outpost.

- Texas style barbecue is coming to Albuquerque when Marley’s Central Texas BBQ opens later this month.

- North Dakota won’t be without Texas style barbecue now that Uncle Bill’s Texas Style BBQ in Bismarck is open.

- You might need Google translate, but here’s a French interview with Thomas Abramowicz who is doing Texas style BBQ in Paris, France.

- Looking for beer and barbecue in Houston this weekend?:


- John Markus, the creator of BBQ Pitmasters, had Ruth Reichl over for dinner. They had beef ribs, pork ribs, and smoked chicken. 

- Steven Raichlen on inspiring the next generation of pitmasters

- Nominate your favorite mobile barbecue joint for Food Truck BBQ Of The Year Contest

- In honor of the World Cup, Bon Appétit provides this list of sausages around the world, one for every country competing in the World Cup. 

- A tutorial from Pat Martin:


- Here’s a computer-generated recipe for a barbecue sauce called Bengali Butternut BBQ Sauce.

- Robert Moss explains barbecue pit variations from the Carolinas to Texas for Serious Eats.

- Zagat Austin files this report from Foodways Texas BBQ Camp held at Texas A&M.

- Plan accordingly:


- The Austin Post used the captive audience in the Franklin Barbecue line to get answers to random questions. 

- Kerlin BBQ in Austin is closed today, but will reopen tomorrow. 

- Pecan Lodge in Dallas will be closed for a private event on Saturday 6/21

- Southern Living shows the way to sixty-five great miles of North Carolina BBQ:



- Burger Mary visits La Barbecue in Austin, and has great things to say about the entire menu. 

- The Smoking Ho has an equally great experience at La Barbecue

- Huffington Post finds a way to get “Barbecue” into this headline, but it’s really all about side dishes

- Does anyone know what she’s talking about? Disgusting BBQ smell?


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