BBQ News: 05/09 – 05/15

by Daniel Vaughn · May 15, 2014

- Say it with me. “Whiskey-Flavored Pigs.”

- Twelve great examples of barbecue on scripted television shows.

- Another Rudy’s is coming to Houston:


- The Smoking Ho visits Fushack’s in San Marcos and is impressed with the brisket. 

- Jon Favreau on Aaron Franklin: “He showed me how to slice a brisket and now I smoke my own brisket at home.” 

- Check out these photos from the Red Dirt BBQ Festival a couple weeks back. 

- National Geographic did some filming with Tyler’s BBQ in Amarillo:


- Tripadvisor compiled a list of the best barbecue in the country. Austin’s Franklin Barbecue was #1, but in their state-by-state ranking Texas was #3 with the top spot going to…Georgia

- Here’s a response to that bogus list by WFAA, which was also carried by CNN

- Here’s what the aftermath looks like of a pit grease fire

- If you plan your concert viewing around your barbecue options: 


- Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Alabama does an interview with Food Republic and discusses the myth of the four major barbecue regions.

- This interview between Steven Raichlen and Dinosaur BBQ’s John Stage includes a rib recipe.

- Thrillist employed someone who knows about Chicago barbecue to compile a list of the best in the city.

- Here’s a complete guide to eating smoked brisket in New York.

- The Salt Lick is expanding to Houston, sort of:


- Jay Rayner reviews the American barbecue at London’s Big Easy. Thanks to American pitmaster Kenny Callaghan, the place is doing good work. 

- Thrillist recommends The Blues Kitchen for barbecue in London. 

- A colorful look at barbecue styles around the world

- Texas BBQ is coming to Seattle soon. Jack’s BBQ will be serving slow smoked brisket. 

- On Michael Pollan, Ed Mitchell, and the SFA as matchmaker. 

- Pecan Lodge has moved, and the fire still works:


- Did we mention that Pecan Lodge is no longer in the Dallas Farmers Market?

- Burgers, BBQ & Beer will be held this Sunday in San Antonio as part of Culinaria.

- The Daily Blender suggests a trip to La Barbecue if you have just 48 hours in Austin.

- The Tennessean recommends Billy’s Oak Acres in Fort Worth to its Nashville readers.

- An employee of Curly’s Carolina, Texas BBQ in Round Rock was arrested for stealing from the restaurant.

- Future pitmaster:


- “An emerging concept for the fast casual restaurant sector is barbecue,” according to Meatingplace. 

- BBQ Crawl starring Danielle Dimovski is coming back to the Travel Channel for another season. 

- A new show Frankenfood was filming in Lockhart at Black’s BBQ. 

- Thrillist provides this list of the best barbecue festivals in the country. 

- Roy Perez of Kreuz Market in Lockhart took a trip down the street to Mad Jack’s BBQ food truck, also in Lockhart, to try out the competition:


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