Jason Cohen

Nick Pencis (left) of Stanley's Famous Barbecue; Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn; Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue.

Recap: Daniel Vaughn at Austin’s BookPeople

As if defending the TMBBQ Top 50 weren’t enough, Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn is also in the middle of his book tour for The Prophets of Smoked Meat, which brought him last week to the city he now says is “the capital of Texas BBQ.” That’s right: the one that’s also the live music capital and the actual capital. Vaughn’s  comments to the crowd and answers to the Q&A at Austin’s BookPeople provided…


San Antonio Mayor Castro Lays Down Granary ’Cue on Spurs

Bad news, Memphis: not only are your Grizzlies on the way to losing to the Spurs, but you still won’t get to eat the world’s best barbecue!  Taking up on a suggestion made by @tmbbq on Twitter, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is wagering smoked meat from TMBBQ Top 50 joint The Granary against Memphis mayor A.C. Wharton Jr.’s offering of ribs from Rendezvous. Mayor Castro got in touch before the Spurs’ 105-83 win yesterday,…