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Aftelier Prefume 02

Smell Like Barbecue

Capturing the aroma of sweet wood smoke isn’t a challenge to pitmasters. Similarly, backyard cooks know how the smell can permeate your clothes and linger hours after the ribs are done. But thanks to Vanilla Smoke, a scent from the all-natural Aftelier Perfumes, you can get that fragrance without the prep work. Mandy Aftel, the creator of Aftelier Perfumes, was the recent subject of a glowing profile in The New York Times in which she champions natural scents over the…

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When Dallas Barbecued a Super Bowl Buffalo

It was six in the morning on Sunday, January 31, 1993, and Karl Kuby Sr. had just started cooking a couple of bison over an open fire in a Tom Thumb grocery store parking lot. Later that evening, after OJ Simpson flipped the coin and Michael Jackson entertained at halftime, the Dallas Cowboys would defeat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII (and again the next year), but not before 3,000 people in Dallas feasted on a publicity stunt. A…

BBQ News: 01/29 – 02/04

– A film about Patillo’s Bar-B-Que in Beaumont is in the works: .@potlikker‘s producing a documentary about Beaumont BBQ spot Patillo’s & the 100+ yr old East TX juicy link. #txbbq — Beth Rankin (@Beth_Rankin) February 2, 2016   – The Southern Foodways Alliance has uploaded a new oral history of Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Jackson, Georgia. It opened in 1929.  – Texas Jack’s is a new barbecue joint in Washington D.C., and the…

Interview: Johan Fritzell of Holy Smoke BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Holy Smoke BBQ; Opened 2014 Age: 43 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Oak Swedes love to grill, but low-and-slow, Texas-style barbecue is a concept so foreign that only one restaurant in the country serves it. They opened in 2014 when Johan Fritzell turned his passion into a rural barbecue stop in a field in southwestern Sweden, one and a half hours north of Copenhagen. Holy Smoke BBQ is a restaurant as well as a smoker dealer, serving as a…

Provisions Beef Rib 01

Smoked in Texas: Beef Short Rib at Provisions

Barbecue and other smoked foods are making their way into fine dining faster than I can spit out liquid smoke. Often smoke is used as just another layer of seasoning, or maybe the barbecue is portioned and presented with a flourish on the plate. Not so at Provisions, the more casual half of The Pass & Provisions in Houston, where a hulking smoked beef rib is tucked into the dinner menu in between chicken saltimbocca and a…

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The Best Pastrami in America

Good news, Texans: You don’t need to fly to New York for the best pastrami in the country. The bad news is that it’s only available once a week. The Granary in San Antonio starts slicing it when their doors open at 11:00 in the morning on Fridays, and it’s gone before the lunch hour ends. Hurry. It’s not too late to change your lunch plans. The Granary has been known for their barbecue (it’s a…

Pastrami Katzs 02

Pastramis Across America

Hopefully you’ve already eaten a slice of what I think is the best pastrami in the country at the Granary in San Antonio. Maybe you’re looking for some alternatives that are almost as good, and there are plenty. Over the last few months I’ve been traveling to snuff out great pastrami leads. There are some avant-garde options out there, and pastrami beef ribs are an up-and-coming trend, but here are some of my favorite sliced…

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