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BBQ News: 03/20 – 03/26

- A Missouri State Senator has begun a so-called Pork Steak Rebellion to rail against the EPA, claiming that they are trying to take away our grills. – The Daily Kos and Meathead Goldwyn provide some clarification about the EPA study, which is actually a little less dire. – However, you may want to attend the 04/02 Austin City Council meeting to share your opinion about Item #12 on the agenda that would require barbecue…

Interview: LeAnn Mueller of La Barbecue

Owner: La Barbecue; Opened 2012 Age: 42 LeAnn Mueller hails from a famous barbecue family, but all she ever wanted was to be a professional photographer. Now she has the photography career and one of the state’s most highly regarded barbecue joints, which is ironic for someone who wanted nothing to do with barbecue just a few years ago. Mueller grew up in Taylor, Texas with a famous pitmaster for a father, and two future pitmasters…

São Paulo Barbecue

When I booked a trip to São Paulo, Brazil for my family and me it wasn’t for barbecue. We were traveling for spring break, but I had heard about a Texas style barbecue restaurant in the city called BOS BBQ. I was figuring out a way to break it to my wife that one of our dinners in Brazil would be Texas barbecue when the restaurant’s chef, André de Luca, announced on their social media accounts that they…

Gerards BBQ 01

Gerard’s Barbecue

George Gerard didn’t have much time for adjustment to running a barbecue joint. He had planned to leave behind the family business for a life as an electrician in Austin, but his parents pleaded with him to come back home to Beaumont. He relented and a short time later, his father Joseph passed away suddenly. Without much grooming, the business was George’s to run. Not much has changed since Joseph opened the restaurant in the…

BBQ News: 03/06 – 03/19

- BBQ in Florida has hope. This 4th grader derides the “BBQ” sloppy joes at his school cafeteria:   – The beef supply in 2015 is projected to be the lowest since 1993. – Some folks upset with the upcoming USDA dietary guidelines, which will likely include recommendations to eat less meat, have started a petition. – The EPA on limiting emissions from backyard grills: “We expect to limit the overall air pollution PM [particulate…

Interview: Trent Brooks of Brooks’ Place

Owner/Pitmaster: Brooks’ Place; Opened 2009 Age: 45 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Red Oak, Pecan, Hickory, and Mesquite Brooks’ Place isn’t exactly easy to get to, but that’s part of its charm. Cypress is at least a thirty minute drive from downtown Houston. It’s a destination, and those in line along with you understand that traveling for good barbecue is worth it. Trent Brooks has been running this trailer on a parking lot in front of an…

Cattleack Whole Hog 03

Cattleack BBQ Does Whole Hog

It was a unique day for barbecue in Dallas last Saturday. Whole hog isn’t an item you normally see on a barbecue menu in Texas, and Cattleack Barbecue isn’t normally open on Saturday. Owners Todd and Misty David were showing off what they had learned in January’s Whole Hog Extravaganza. They also wanted to use their new toy – a specially designed whole hog cooker. Smokin some whole hog pulled pork for tomorrow’s special Saturday menu…

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