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Jakes BBQ 09

Jake’s Bar-B-Que

Jacob and Marlena Beran wanted out of Barefootz corner store, and Greg “Barefoot” Tarnowski was happy to see them go. So the Berans moved opened up shop two blocks away, and Barefoot fired up a pit of his own. Thus,on a dead end road in Dime Box, a Sunday morning barbecue rivalry was born. Dime Box is a tiny unincorporated town of about 300, just south of Old Dime Box. In 1912, Southern Pacific built a…

BBQ News: 01/06 – 01/12

– This breed of dog was essential to barbecue in the 1600’s: For hundreds of years the now-extinct turnspit dog was specially bred just to turn a roasting mechanism for meat — Atlas Obscura (@atlasobscura) January 11, 2017   – Our new favorite golfer, Davis Love III, was the captain of the 2016 US Ryder Cup team. As a gift, he sent a Lang smoker to each one of his teammates.  – BBQ Hub…

Zeke Sandwich 06

The Zeke Sandwich

After an incredible championship game on Monday night, this season of college football is (sadly) behind us. But that means we can now focus solely on the NFL playoffs, in which the Texans are still alive and the Cowboys look to avenge Dez Bryant’s “non-catch” from a 2015 game against the Green Day Packers. In Sunday’s match-up against the Packers, though, the Cowboys have new stars—Dak Prescott and Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott are the rookies to watch. And…

Big D BBQ 03

Big D Barbecue

Sometimes the difference between good barbecue and bad barbecue is just a small tweak away. In the case of Big D Barbecue in Mansfield, that tweak can actually be physically measured—and it’s a mere eighth of an inch. Given the staff’s passion for barbecue, each time I returned I hoped to find something to praise, yet I always left disappointed. After almost two years away, I stopped in again to find my hopes realized. The restaurant is…

BBQ News: 12/23 – 01/05

– Have we gone too far? Bacon-wrapped ribs: Bacon-wrapped ribs, and 7 delicious bacon-wrapped recipes – Fired Up Food — Heavy Metal BBQ (@HeavyMetal_BBQ) January 2, 2017   – With a new smoker, Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland plans to add dinner service soon.  – Culturemap Houston names The Pit Room and Killen’s STQ as two of the best new restaurants in Houston for 2016.  – Houston Food Finder picks their favorite barbecue joints…

Smoked Spinalis 04

BBQ Anatomy 101: Smoked Spinalis

I can’t get enough of brisket, and I’ll look for any excuse to eat a ribeye steak, but the best cut of beef is the spinalis. It’s the portion of the ribeye that any steak connoisseur savors first. Also known as the ribeye cap, this cut lays like a thick blanket around the outer edge of the ribeye (upper right in the photo below). It’s more tender than the rest of the ribeye, and generously marbled….

Iron Works BBQ 02

Iron Works BBQ

It’s important that Iron Works serves good barbecue. As a barbecue joint in downtown Austin, one that is just steps away from the convention center, I’d wager that more Austin visitors get their first taste of Texas barbecue at Iron Works BBQ than anywhere else. General manager Aaron Morris agrees. “Something that’s been a focus of my time here is to give the best representation we can,” he told me while I ate a plate of…

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