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BBQ News: 04/11 – 04/17

- Beef prices (especially for brisket) are going up, but there are a few alternative cuts for smoking. – Leslie Brenner of the Dallas Morning News slammed the original Lockhart Smokehouse in Bishop Arts a few years back, but she loves the new outpost in Plano. – Eating Texas BBQ is considered a bit exotic in southern Wisconsin. – Did we mention brisket prices are up? Limit 1, with additional $20 purchase: @BBQsnob @chasecolston well,…

Interview: Thomas Abramowicz of The Beast

Owner: The Beast: Maison Deviandes Fumees, opened 2014 Age: 31 Smoker: Wood-fired rotisserie smoker (once it’s delivered) Wood: Oak I was in line for the bathroom at Hill Country BBQ Market in New York when a man who recognized me approached. He wanted to know if I could find a Texas pitmaster for him to apprentice with. This man wanted to open a Texas-style barbecue joint in Paris…France. That was almost a year ago. Since then…

Post Mountain BBQ 05

Post Mountain BBQ

Post Mountain BBQ is in a tough spot. This tiny barbecue joint has its back to busy Highway 281 that bisects Burnet, and it’s a half block off the town square. Unless your keen eye picks up the small sign hanging out front that reads “BBQ,” you’d probably miss it, but this is barbecue worth going out of your way for. Bill and Susie Pell have ran this place since late last year, and they…

BBQ Cookbooks

To say Melissa Cookston has been successful on the barbecue competition circuit is an understatement. As she describes in the introduction of her new cookbook “I am the winningest woman in barbecue, and frankly, it’s not even close.” But, as she also points out, there isn’t a female BBQ circuit. She competes against the big boys, and beats them regularly, especially when it comes to whole hog. She has won that category at Memphis in…

Texas Talent Coming to BBQ Pitmasters

The fifth season of BBQ Pitmasters will premiere tonight on Destination America at 8:00pm Central. Georgia smoked ham will be the focus, but next week the show is full of Texans. “Lone Star Smoke War,” will air on Saturday, April 19 at 8:00pm Central and will feature three teams from Texas. To choose the teams this year, BBQ Pitmasters solicited audition videos, and each prospective team was instructed to upload them to YouTube. This means we get…

BBQ News: 04/04 – 04/10

- The Houston BBQ Festival was held on Sunday. The BBQ Geniuses from Texas A&M enjoyed their time, there were plenty of photos shared, and there were some pleasant surprises too. – Beef prices just keep going up. We’ve hit another record high for price, and the cattle herds are the lowest since 1951. – Pork prices aren’t doing much better. – Evan LeRoy, pitmaster at Freedmen’s Bar in Austin, noticed a mention of Freedmen’s…

Interview: John Raven PhB

Title: Commissioner of Barbecue, PhB Age: 76 “Allow me to introduce myself. I am John Raven. I am the individual who has done more for barbecue than anyone else.” Those were the first three sentences in a letter I received about a year ago. It was the first letter I received after being named the barbecue editor at Texas Monthly. I then went searching for more about Mr. Raven when I found his barbecue autobiography. “I…

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