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Juicy Pig BBQ 06

Juicy Pig Barbecue

Juicy Pig, which opened in Denton nearly a year ago, brought together local restaurateur Ken Currin and Pam Chittenden, who was known for her roving dining events called PamFood. Chittenden was new to barbecue, but took to the pits according to early reports about Juicy Pig. She has since left the restaurant, but Chittenden left her stamp on the menu, which is far more adventurous than at most barbecue joints. Smoked jackfruit is the new vegetarian barbecue…

Lone Star Tick

The Barbecue Allergy

What is your greatest fear? It’s a simple question you’re rarely faced with outside of an interview setting. We just got a new editor in chief (congrats to Tim Taliaferro) at Texas Monthly, so I may have to reinterview for this barbecue editor gig. You never know how these things go. But if I’m asked about my greatest fear, it’s not dying in a fiery crash on I-35 during one of my many trips around the state. My…

BBQ News: 11/18 – 12/01

– The world’s largest barbecue pit went to Galveston to help cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Salvation Army:   – “[A] Yeti cooler may be the greatest source of weekender braggadocio since the Big Green Egg smoker.” – “And like French wine and Italian cheese, the singular character of Texas barbecue – specifically Central Texas-style barbecue – is ultimately rooted in the land where it originated.” – There’s been a 14% decline in meat consumption…

Beef Rib Recipe 06

Beef Shorter Ribs

Smoking a brisket is no easy task, and you’ll need a crowd to finish the six or so pounds of smoked meat. Short ribs, specifically beef plate short ribs, make for a much easier hunk of beef to tackle because they’re consistent. Their thickness, marbling, and the direction of their grain are the same all the way through. With more intramuscular fat than a ribeye, they’re almost impossible to dry out. Basically, mastering smoked brisket is…

BBQ Lines 01

Barbecue Line Etiquette

I had arrived at Cattleack Barbecue in Dallas later than I’d planned. I expected the line to be long at 11:15 that morning, but it was a real whopper. It snaked through the stanchions set up to herd the crowd and all the way down the side of the new dining room. I cursed to myself because I knew better than to wait this long after their 10:30 opening to get in the door, but at…

BBQ News: 11/11 – 11/17

– Meat Fight in Dallas raised $175,000 in the fight against MS. – The Dallas Observer has a slideshow from Meat Fight. – Check out these scenes from the 7th annul Blues ,Bandits, & BBQ fest in Oak Cliff. – It’s just that the photo doesn’t look like Southern BBQ: We look at how Southern BBQ has permeated the Aussie food scene @lebontonmelb @fancyhanksbbq @Luke__Powell — MUNCHIES (@munchies) November 16, 2016   –…

Gov Tryons Barbecue

Governor Tryon’s Barbecue

Protest season seems to be upon us after the recent election. Citizens are taking to the streets to show their displeasure with a new leader, which isn’t anything new in the United States. Before the original Brexit united us, we were anything but polite. Of course you remember the Boston Tea Party, and you might even have retained some knowledge of the Stamp Act, but what about Governor Tryon’s Barbecue? It sounds festive enough, but the…

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